If know these methods of removing chewing gum before, many have managed to save ...

Chewing gum is known for its ability to adhesion: excellent stick to different surfaces. Well, that, together with problematic situations there are new ways of solving them - nobody more cut out a tuft of hair, which is hopelessly confused gum. There are more considerate measures, and to remember them - so sorry for jeans that have been accidentally corrupted podtseplennoy chewing gum ... Gum - the most simple food rubber, so easy to destroy by means of the simple chemicals. Now you'll know what to do.

1. If gum tangled in her hair
Brush the strands of vegetable oil and brush to comb the remnants of chewing gum. In this case, you can use and alcohol - dissolved gum, but alcohol is also a very dry hair, remember that. Another method is a sure - freezing: Attach a bubble-gum ice pack or ice water, freeze it, and crumble. After that, it will also need to comb out. The mass of options and vystriganie hair in them precisely is not included - you need to know every parent!

2. If chewing gum stuck to the clothes
One of sposobov- sprinkle gum varnish harden it and leave you alone. Efficiency and hot water. Put the cloth with gum in hot water and try to separate it with a toothbrush and a knife.

3. How to remove chewing gum from clothes using vinegar
Heated vinegar in the microwave or on the stove, perches in it a toothbrush and rub the gum. Do it quickly and repeatedly until the vinegar is hot - so it works best. Then the clothes, of course, need to wash.

4. The method of removing gum iron
Put a cloth on the board so that the chewing gum was between cloth and cardboard. Preheat the iron to medium heat and slide it several times at the place where the gum. Eraser should stick to the cardboard if it does not, repeat the procedure.

You can also use the acetone em> to remove gum, but keep in mind that acetone discolor the fabric. Dry Ice em> very effectively removes chewing gum from the fabric - you just roll the dice a little bit of ice on contaminated sites. If chewing gum stuck to the wood treated with varnish, print it dissolved in water ammonia em>, then blot the good wood. There is even a painless way to remove gum from the wall - just need to heat it hairdryer em> through the cloth.

Leprosy children chewing gum is no longer afraid! You can remove the gum from any surface. Show me how it's done, your friends!

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