An easy way to get rid of annoying tune "stuck" in your head

Unexpected effects usually zhvachkiMy all passed through this: you hear some popular song, and then for many days or even weeks can not throw it out of my head. This effect, known as "obsessive melody," studying for a long time, but until recently, no one knew how to get rid of him.

Now researchers say they have the answer: Chewing gum after listening to obtrusive music will help you to remember it is much less likely.

The study was conducted by experts from the University of Reading. In this study, 98 volunteers were listening to "catchy melodies" by David Guetta and group Maroon 5.

Then they asked for three minutes after listening to press a button every time they think of melodies, chewing gum, or without it.

The subjects chewed gum reported haunting melody which rarely those with gum was not. Chewing gum has reduced by about a third the amount of "play" obsessive melody in their head.

This is the first study to demonstrate the effect of chewing gum on the obsessive melody, and it suggests that using gum can get rid of other unwanted thoughts or obsessions.

"Overlay motion gum, chewing gum on our own" inner speech "can handle much larger - said Dr. Phil Beeman, who led the research. - But it will take much more research to see if that helps resist gum symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorders and the like ».

Previous research conducted at the University of Reading in 2009, found that almost any song can become obsessive melody.

A recent survey found that obsessive melodies are 90% of the respondents, they hear them at least once a week, and 15% of respondents classified their haunting melodies as "disturbing».



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