And do you know why some of the songs spinning in our head?

Everyone knows this condition, when a simple song permanently stuck in your head, and haunts your brain. But worst of all, you must get rid of. She scrolled again and again. This phenomenon is called "sticky song", it is widely used among people.


Only Vicki Williams, a music psychologist from the English College goldsmith wants to understand this issue. She, along with Sean Nod, leading the station BI-BI-SI, conducted the survey. As a result, received interesting information.

It turned out that the "stickiness pesina" at everyone. Figured it out after a survey of 2,300 people, when in the list of "sticky songs" met repetitions.

It turned out that most often, in your head sound ringtones that you heard recently. Moreover, if you listen several times the same song, the chances of this tune getting stuck in my head increase.


You ask — how to get rid of "the annoying peceni"? To be honest, you can try to replace some other melody or to arouse strong feelings to switch the brain. Put the song on the alarm clock and it will stop you like!

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