The secrets of McDonald's

It is difficult to find someone who has never heard of McDonald's. This chain of fast food restaurants is a phenomenon. People, in spite of the unhealthy food and eternal crush, still continue to go to McDonald's. What are the secrets that tempt us into one of the thousands of poppies are forced to buy more, hurry to eat, to leave, but have to go back?


1. Restaurants are where a lot of loitering people, on the big crossroads, on the way from downtown to the residential districts near large universities.

2. The most attractive one for kids is all the famous happy meal, which besides the usual Burger, fries and drink is put a small toy. And all this packaged in a bright box.

3. Company standards are clearly identified, if the client is not announced the size of the fries, beverage, ice cream or nuggets in order, then it is by default "breaks" the biggest.

4. After the person made the order, he always offered to take anything else- this method is called "method tips".

5. If going to drink cold drinks to satisfy the appetite more slowly. For this reason, a glass of drinks (Cola, juice) put the ice, and the cost of hot drinks (tea, coffee) too high.

6.To ensure that customers did not linger long, and quickly vacated the seat for the next visitors, McDonald's has not a very comfortable sofas and hard chairs, the passages between which are very narrow. Restaurant plays fast and dynamic music.

7. People like that are accustomed to something, and they are sure that today, tomorrow and a year later the taste of a big Mac be the same in any restaurant network, it has not changed since the appearance of the Burger in 1967. Why go to McDonald's again to eat a familiar taste. But at the same time, people love new, so periodically upload new deals appear in the menu.



8. Fast and relatively cheap.

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