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The most famous in the world of fast-food chain McDonald's will not give preference to a certain style in its advertising - too wide audience, to handle always about the same tonom.U they have advertising, which affects especially on awakening the appetite, there is a funny and stupid there is absolutely crazy, there are very serious. Dwell on something one simply does not make sense.

But it is possible to state with absolute certainty that McDonald's prefers a very unusual outdoor advertising (Russia does not count).
Almost every Cannes Lions another creative solution into an outdoor gets a well-deserved award, and does not always work the same agency. Luxury findings in outdoor advertising for McDonald's doing in the States, Canada, Sweden, New Zealand and several other countries.

Big Teysti

New burger layered billboard advertises.

Delicious bilbord

Milk kokteyl

Now three times thicker.

Fresh salaty

Billboard from this fresh salad.

Big Teysti

Huge Big Tasty simply do not fit on a billboard.

Golden arki

Caption: Opening night.

Free kofe

From April 20 to May 3, the restaurant offers free coffee stocks in the billboard every day diminished in front of passers-by.

Fresh ovoschi

Working nochyu

In order for people to remember the night of the McDonald's, at the stops were placed half of the logo, which became the logo of the whole night, bouncing off the wall stops.


McDonald's billboards indicate the remaining distance to the nearest restaurant.


Super-fresh carrots. Only 10 crowns.

Time for burgera

Yawn? Time to eat a hamburger.

Giant paket

Announcing the biggest burger in the restaurant's menu, McDonald's was handing out posters in the subway with a huge paper bags.


Interactive Puzzle posters advertise coffee at McDonald's slogan "Bring your head in orderĀ».


Photographed against the backdrop of interactive billboards McDonald's could try on the classic British hat, fluffy headphones, blow out, "Hi, Mom," to reflect on the burger or ice cream from McDonald's.

Free kofe


A huge egg opens with the first rays of the sun, announcing breakfast at McDonald's.

Laser potatoes fri

Red Shield is in the form of a pack of French fries. A yellow light rays simulate the advertised product.

Drink for dollar

Lay them in the form of the famous Golden Arches, McDonald's immured in the ice sculpture of 4000 coins in denominations of 1 Canadian dollar, which could get and spend on drink at McDonald's.


Please Soothe!

Clover sheyk

Every year in the St. Patrick's Day water in Chicago and Calumet rivers emerald colored with pigment, and McDonald's will not miss the opportunity to advertise your shake Clover (Shamrock Shake).


Now 2am and we are open.

Games ploschadka

In Australia, McDonald's has built a playground for adults.


McDonald's zebra repainted in yellow and pririsoval her a box of potatoes.

Solar chasy

In 2007, the fast-food giant posted a sundial in Chicago, who worked from 8 am to 11 am, and shows that the time has come to have a McDonald's.


US Agency Access prompts concept brendomobilya McDonald's.

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