33 brilliant prints about saving the world

March 23, 2013, Saturday, at 20:30 (local time), will host the annual global event "Earth Hour" WWF prirodyEto largest mass event in human history - the last year in this event was attended by about 1, 5 billion people worldwide Earth Hour joined by more than 150 countries and 7,000 cities. Earth Hour - a symbolic event, in this hour of hundreds of millions of people and the world-famous buildings around the world turn off the lights to show their care for the planet's future and call for respect for the Earth's resources.

Especially for this event we have put together a better site in print and outdoor advertising World Wildlife Fund WWF.

Saving the planet - a noble and fertile topic for creativity. Problems saving air, land and water pollution, and the animals and birds - from extinction, will be relevant as long as humanity inhabits the planet.

Most agencies of the world, mainly on a voluntary basis, make terrific in terms of creative advertising for the World Wildlife Fund.

Website has selected 33 of the best sample print and outdoor advertising WWF, calling to think seriously about the preservation and responsible living on planet Earth.

By consuming the wealth of the Earth, we are consuming our future

Fashion requires more victims than you dumaete.

Lend a helping hand to the wild prirode

Imagine that this is your baby

Do not buy souvenirs made from the skin of exotic animals




Evolution: Slon

Homeless pingvin

Homeless tyulen

Your hod

Future - the handiwork of man: Derevya

Future - the handiwork of man: Cherepaha

Until then we come before you let us respect nature?

For left the lights on, not only pay vy

One jar of paint contaminate millions of liters vody






If you see an animal in the picture, then you something is not enough.

Red shapochka

Glass vody

From contaminated water as many people die as a nuclear explosion.

Stop climate change before it changes you

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There are no trees - no Ikea

Snow chelovek


Kopilayn "Saving pandas - not only our mission┬╗


The slogan of the campaign "The world needs more greenery┬╗.


Tagged amidst tropical vegetation, "hidden" images of animals living in the jungle. What counted?

via www.adme.ru/kreativnyj-obzor/33-chereschur-seksualnyh-printa-278305/


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