Best print and outdoor advertising in January

In this collection are prints and new solutions in outdoor advertising, which seemed website editorial staff and visitors the most interesting, notable and considerable January mesyatse.Saxsofunny sound production: Each picture has a sound (+2 print) Agency DM9DDB Brasil, applying one of the main principles of modern communications, has shown how advertising can make a sound. Interactive prints were made of various materials, which in interaction with the person who published the sound that is drawn to them.

Newspaper Económico: And everything depends on the money (+3 print) Portuguese Economico business newspaper revealed as the great idealists of the 20th century ended up my way, appearing on the money that was fought.

Napkins Twinsaver: when a man has a reason to cry (+2 print) 93,487,071

Essilor Lect up lenses: indeed increase the surrounding objects (+1 print) to the print depicts people dressed enhancing glasses Essilor and how comfortable was treated with small details.

Peugeot: Machine trap (+2 print) Tagline: If you are not using original spare parts, your car turns into a trap.

Amnesty International: 60-th anniversary of the declaration of individual freedom is dedicated (+2 print) Creative idea of ​​prints based on the cake is the traditional symbol of celebration. Tagline: You can do more than just celebrate.

Show Off Films: 8 ways to kill an idea (+6 prints) Portuguese video-production studio Show Films knows that there are many ways to kill a good idea, therefore, offers not to be mistaken with the choice of those who would remove the future of advertising.

Men's Health Magazine: Anything for men (+2 print) 16,173,826

Marie Claire Magazine: social initiative for women's rights (2 prints)

Animaster Animation School: animated images (+4 print) Slogan: Be careful about what you think.

Animal Anti-Cruelty League: Pets - not things (+2 print) edition prints agency Lowe Bull (South Africa) calls to stop the abuse of animals.

Spontex: Maximum absorption (+2 print) 58,270,760

Gazzetta Dello Sport Rallymania DVD Collection: Do not do it (+2 prints) McCann-Erickson Milan (Italy) calls do not repeat what is shown on the video collection of sports rally Rallymania.

EBay: Gifts (+2 prints)

Car Renault - in summer and winter

Freightliner trucks: Frightened superheroes (+2 prints)

Vanish in 3 hlitrovoy package (+2 print) 54,796,579

And a few more prints.

(+2 Prints)

(+2 Prints)

(+3 Prints)

(+2 Prints)

(+2 Prints)

(+2 Prints)

(+2 Prints)

Volvo: A day without cars (+ 2 prints) Fuel Lisbon Portuguese agency released advertising campaign Volvo, timed to coincide with the European Day Without a Car.

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