Best print and outdoor advertising in April

In our traditional monthly review we suggest that you remember the most significant examples of print and outdoor advertising in April mesyatsa.Ne want problems with the child? Take shelter in an adult dog (+1 print)

Persil saves bright, until it disappeared (+1 print)

Prints handmade by Saatchi & Saatchi Italy (+4 prints and making of video)

Koba Batteries work even after the death of vehicles (+ 2 prints) 28,851,808

Live Titles in the campaign for the Jornal Do Commercio (+ 3 prints)

Glamorous frog-traveler (+5 prints)

Protect your property and the value of using pre ervativa * (+2 prints)

* Pre ervativy Doc Morris: not to rolilsya Hitler (+2 prints)

* Prolonging pleasure pre ervativy Hansaplast not give women tan (+1 print)

As a baby (+2 print) 50,738,330

WWF showed how life in a tree (+1 print)

New children's play on the muddy beaches of the Surfrider Foundation (+ 1 print) 19,809,444

Hansaplast plasters removed cuts (+2 print)

Bold - laundry detergent function converter (+2 prints)

Super glue Henkel's security guarantees (+ 2 prints)

Newcity Magazine declares war on the ordinary (+2 prints)

Tzabar Show knows what tomorrow will bring for music stars (+2 prints)

Some thoughts save lives (+1 print)

Lowe New York advises often checked for thyroid cancer (+2 prints)

There are no ugly women - there is a lot of ki * (k + 1 print) 63,933,969

Mr. Proper flooring transforms into a mirror (+1 print)

Sponges Scotch Brite: And the rough and soft (+2 prints)

Stihl sostrig letters to newspapers (+2 prints)

Dramamine: Travel and let the world has not gone to your head (+2 print) 44,410,257

RA Sky: A mosquito-curl the first!

With a modest knowledge in mathematics - at McDonald's

Prior RA opened the diary for Suzuki Splash

Camaya large Russian GRU * s story eclipsed advertising Ralf Ringer (+ 7 photos)

20 thousand holes in the outdoor advertising drills Makita

BMW checkmate Audi

Advertising Calvin Klein vary depending on the weather

Zimbabwe held an advertising campaign costing more than $ 100 trillion

Fundraising to support the animals organized by a mosaic of money (+ video) 96,483,019

Snowboarders have become losers advertising ski resort

Ogilvy & Mather Moscow has developed outdoor campaign Alpen Gold (+ prints)

Flying bacteria scare passers-by with outdoor advertising Domestos

Actimel bottle to the billboards hung on a spring

Outdoor advertising beer "Hunting": Way to go!

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