The most extreme travel

The most common are the extreme excursions the conquest of Everest, descend to the wreckage of the Titanic, or ran with the bulls in Pamplona, but such adrenaline rather depressing, what gets the blood pumping. Here is a list of original really extreme travel.

Rescue from a deserted island

In one of the English travel Agency has an unusual service — it is proposed to spend 10 days on a desert island in the Caribbean. Pre-the participants of the expedition held a special training course on survival in the wild. After training, the group flies the helicopter that crashed near the island. The death of trainers planned and the Robinsons must survive on their own. Using a minimal set of tools the group can explore the island, build the camp, and at the end of the adventure to build a raft and go on it home.

Illegal entry into USA

In Mexico, in the small town of El Alberto, can be "illegal" to cross the U.S. border. Trip as close to reality, the dogs, the shots of the guards and the sirens. Of course the shots are blanks, and the dogs do not bite, however, the situation promises to be realistic. The journey begins with a trip to the very depths of the tropical forest. The group maintains an experienced guide, they are called "coyotes." Imaginary immigrants and the cases have to fall to the ground, then run like hell.

Jump into the crater of the volcano

Many of us have experienced this extreme form of entertainment like bungee jumping, more people sorry have an idea of what it is, but few people know that it is possible to make the jump over the crater of a burning volcano. This is all feasible in Chile. Especially for attraction of the leased helicopter, which hangs in 200 metres above the crater. The lowest point of the jump is a few tens of meters above the boiling lava, so that you will have the opportunity to look into the mouth of a fire breathing snake. After this, a helicopter will carry you to the takeoff site at the end of the bungee.

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