Way to get rid of annoying ringtones

Can not get rid of a song that is stuck in your head? Scientists have found a way to help you get rid of the annoying repetitive music. Obsessive songs that are different rhythmic melody and repetitive words also called "ear worm" or "obsessive-compulsive melody." We repeat them many times a day, sometimes a few days, like a broken record, which often causes razdrazhenie.

Scientists have found that the best way to stop this phenomenon - is to start to solve moderately difficult anagrams. It will replace pristavuchie melody of working memory and replace it with a more acceptable idea. But do not be taken too complex task, as it can lead to the return of annoying songs in your mind. If you're not a fan of anagrams to solve, a good book can also help you cope with this zadachey.

According to researchers from Western Washington University, the most important thing - it is to find an activity that will have the desired level of difficulty. For example, driving and walking, that we do automatically, will not help you get rid of annoying songs as this you are not using all of their cognitive resources, and you still have a lot of space for playing a recurring pesni.

Dr. Ira Hyman (Ira Hyman) music psychologist and her team conducted a series of tests on volunteers, losing their popular songs of the Beatles, Lady Gaga and Beyonce, to find out which tunes get stuck in long-term memory. Then they tested the solution of puzzles can help get rid of the obsessive pesen.

As the results, Sudoku puzzles and anagrams with five letters are best helped to reduce the likelihood of a repetition of the song in his head, but only if they were not very complicated. Scientists are also studying whether the same technique to help people get rid of disturbing thoughts and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Source: www.infoniac.ru/news/Sushestvuet-sposob-izbavit-sya-ot-navyazchivoi-melodii-v-golove.html


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