Woman sleeps three years

pensioner from England lost the normal sleep because of the song, which is constantly heard in her head. Doctors speak of a rare form of musical hallucinations. The last three years of life have turned to 63-year-old Susan Ruth real torture. In her head stuck popular hit 50 How much is that Doggie in the Window, which she hears day and nochyu.

Doctors believe that a woman suffering from a rare form of musical hallucinations. Pensioner also terrorize such tunes as the national anthem of Great Britain and birthday song Happy birthday.

 - It started three years ago. Since then, in my mind - a radio that can not be disabled. Particularly badly at night, it's crazy. I always hear the music. But most other sounds How much is that Doggie in the Window? .. I was young I loved this song - complains Susan Ruth. To somehow alleviate their condition, Susan tries to switch to the birds singing. However, obsessive melody can play so loud that the woman did not even hear the voice of her husband, when he was with her razgovarivaet.

 - The doctors told me that I had no help and, most likely, I would have to live with it until the end of life, - said Susan.

Source: lifenews.ru/news/110791


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