10 facts about the popular songs

We offer you a collection of fascinating facts about well-known musical hits.

1. Muse - Uprising

In one of his speeches on Italian television musicians forced to act under the track. What Muse decided to protest, having exchanged before the performance instruments: the lead singer and guitarist Matthew Bellamy sat behind the drums, drummer Dominic Howard stood with bass guitar for the microphone, and bassist Chris Wolstenholme picked up a guitar and stood behind the keyboards. After the speech, the drummer was interviewed as a frontman.

During filming, no one suspected that something was wrong, and as such the transmission went on the air.

2. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Teen Spirit («Spirit of Youth") - a brand of deodorant, released in 1991 by "Mennen" and aggressively advertised. The phrase "Kurt smells like Teen Spirit» wrote on the wall Cobain his girlfriend Kathleen Khan, leader of the female punk rock group. The leader of "Nirvana", seeing the sign, I decided that the phrase - a continuation of their conversation with Kathleen punk rock and anarchy. The slogan he liked and he made it the title of the song. In fact, Khan meant that Kurt smelled of deodorant, which then used the girl Cobain Tobi Vail. The fact that a deodorant at all, Cobain had learned much later release of the song.

The huge popularity of the song, of course, contributed to the popularity and deodorant. The manufacturer is not confused and started to advertise it with explicit references to the song: "And do you smell like Teen Spirit?». In 1992, it was the most popular product in its category, and the company "Mennen" was acquired by Colgate-Palmolive for a round sum. In the future, the brand's popularity gradually declined, but to this day the name is a teenage version of deodorant Lady Speed ​​Stick.

3. David Bowie - The Man Who Sold The World

Kurt Cobain very well covered the song on this Nirvana Unplugged concert. The concert, which was released a few months before Cobain's death, became very popular. So much so that he Bowie admitted that he hates "After the concert, the children fit and say:" It's great that you sing a song of Nirvana ". And I think: "Fuck you, zadrot young!" ».

4. Pesnyary - Vologda

When the song only gained popularity, its lyrics evoked laughter unhealthy residents of Vologda: at that time the city was a house with a carved palisade - Oblast Skin and Venereal Diseases Dispensary.

5. Metallica - Nothing Else Matters

Initially, James Hetfield wrote this song for his girlfriend, but he does not remember why. He was not going to publish it: it was personal, not for the group. And Hatfield sincerely believed that it does not "metallikovsky" material. However, Lars Ulrich, having heard it, has convinced James to record a song as part of Metallica.

6. Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You

This song is dedicated to not like, but just a friend and colleague. She composed a popular American country music singer Dolly Parton in 1974. She sang it, and this version was number one in the country charts that year. In 1982, she sang it again for the film "The best whorehouse in Texas," and the song once again rose to the top spot of the charts.

The song was written after Parton broke musical collaboration with country singer Porter Wagoner,. No romantic relationship between them was not.

7. Europe - The Final Countdown < br />
And to this day, many keyboardists try to reproduce the voice synthesizer, which will play the main riff of the song.

The secret is that the sound was obtained by merging the two sounds of the synthesizer "Yamaha" and "Roland"; he keyboardist Mic Michaeli is no longer able to get exactly the same sound, and was forced to sample the sound of those old synthesizers for live performances.

When guitarist John Norum first heard the intro, he considered it inappropriate for strongly riff rock band, but already in the process of recording a change of heart.

8. Radiohead - Creep

When the verse in the song is replaced by the chorus, heard thumping on the strings of an electric guitar clamped. Jonny Greenwood did not like the sound of the song, and he is in fact trying to "screw up" record. But it turned out to be surprisingly good decoration songs.

9. Madonna - Frozen

November 18, 2005, the year the Belgian court ruled that the melody Frozen was stolen from a song «Ma vie fout le camp», composed by Salvatore Acquaviva. Accordingly, the judge obliged to deduct money from the rest of the sales drive and prohibited further play the song on the Belgian TV and radio, which caused an outcry of the public: at the time Frozen led the hit parade, which can not be said about the song with which she has "lapped up ».

The company also Warner, EMI and Sony had threatened with a fine of 125 thousand euros to publish and distribute a court decision.

The story got kinda continued: at the end of 2008 the Belgian radio station "Donna" arranged a chart of 5000 songs. Frozen ranked 143rd. And as it was forbidden to twist, leading the audience offered to include the song on YouTube, and on the radio on the air at that moment was about a five-minute silence.

10. Civil defense - Everything is going according to plan < br />
Initially, the song was written more than 20 verses, so that never were sung and recorded. Drafts Letov destroyed during the general cleaning. Couplets were the subjects of the central television news programs. As told in an interview with Letov, "who were pozanyatnee - I left, and that poskuchnee - thrown out, that's all».

All of the verses that are not in the canonical songs were written not Letov. This folk art. Letov says: "Once on Nevsky in those years a performer used about 20 verses in addition to the original, to my amazement. Now a new term called "post-folklore", this is just a classic example. »

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