A sedentary lifestyle is not conducive to obesity

A team of scientists studied lifestyle Hadza people inhabiting in the north of Tanzania. This people was opened in 1931 by the German ethnologist and archaeologist Ludwig Kohl-Larsen; Hadza brought researchers to study a large number of valuable knowledge about primitive societies.

Ponttser and his colleagues in their work take into account anything that might affect the weight and the amount of adipose tissue, including the age and sex of the studied people. Despite the fact that the hunter-gatherer Hadza people each day travel long distances in search of food, they burn the same amount of calories, as well as representatives of modern civilization. For the first time scientists have directly investigated the metabolism of hunter-gatherers, all of the previous work has been estimated.

Based on these results, the authors concluded that the rate of metabolism was similar in ancient and modern humans. Therefore, in their opinion, the modern "obesity epidemic" has arisen not because of a sedentary lifestyle, and because of the greater food intake.

The authors emphasize that the exercise, however, is very important for health. People from populations Hadza spend a lot of energy on physical activity, which helps to maintain the health of the elderly members of this nation.

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