The naked mole rat is able to pass through a concrete wall

The naked mole rat looks like the perfect hero of the American animated television series - a sort of absurd and totally stupid character. The longer you're on the "it" look, the sillier it seems to you.

At first catches the eye protruding front teeth, because of which it seems as if the animal is constantly bewildered smile. Then, looking closer, you realize that underneath begins another set of teeth.

This pale wrinkled skin is also working on the image of a depressive loner, who was chosen in the light now ... yeah, actually, never. That is very close to the truth as diggers live in underground tunnels where they produce their own kind.

The front teeth naked mole rat - a terrible weapon. They allow the animal to literally pass through the thickness of the concrete. Here's how it looks:

How is it possible? Firstly, digger teeth hard as diamond, secondly, to ensure trouble-free operation of the jaw 25 percent of his muscles (in humans, by comparison, is only one per cent).

In addition, the ability to chew, nibble and gnaw running third of the cerebral cortex of the creature. That is the evolution of all the forces sent to the jaw of the animal. To dig large tunnels and digging food diggers even granted the ability to control the front teeth individually - much like chopsticks.

Of course, even after all of the above, a naked mole rat did not become nicer, but it was ridiculous harmless creation of it too is now unlikely to be called.



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