How consciousness operates matter

Quantum physics has revolutionized our understanding of the world. According to quantum physics, we can influence our mind on the process of rejuvenation!

Why is this possible? From the perspective of quantum physics, our reality - a source of pure potentiality, the source of raw materials, from which is our body, our mind and all Vselennaya.Universalnoe energy and information field never ceases to change and transform every second turning into something new.

In the 20th century, during physical experiments subatomic particles and photons, it was found that the fact of monitoring the course of the experiment results it modifies. That is what we are focusing our attention - can react


This fact confirms the classic experiment that every time surprised scientists. He repeated in many laboratories, and always gets the same results.

For this experience, we prepared a light source and a screen with two slits. The light source used a device that "shoots" photons in a single pulse.

Over the course of the experiment were monitored. After the end of the experiment, on photographic paper, which was behind the slits were visible two vertical strips. It traces photons that pass through the gap and illuminates the photo paper.

When this experiment was repeated in the automatic mode, without human intervention, the picture on photo paper changed:

If the researcher included the instrument and left, and after 20 minutes was shown photographic paper, then on it was revealed not two but a plurality of vertical strips. These were the traces of radiation. But the picture was different.

track structure on photographic paper trail reminiscent of waves that pass through the slot.

Light can exhibit properties of waves or particles.

As a result, the simple fact of observation wave disappears and is transformed into particles. If you can not be monitored, it is shown on photo paper trail wave. This physical phenomenon is called "observer effect."

The same results were obtained with other particles. The experiments were repeated several times, but each time they surprised scientists. Thus, it was found Chthon quantum level of matter reacts to a person's attention. This was a new physics.

According to the ideas of modern physics all materializes out of thin air. This void has been called "quantum field", "zero field" or "matrix". Void contains energy that can be converted into matter.

Matter consists of concentrated energy - this fundamental physics discovery of the 20th century.

The atom is no hard parts. Objects consist of atoms. But why solid objects? Pin attached to a brick wall does not pass through it. Why? This is due to differences in the frequency characteristics and electrical charges of atoms. Each type has its own vibration frequency of the atoms. These differences are determined by the physical properties of objects. If it were possible to change the frequency of vibration of the atoms that make up the body, then the person would be able to pass through walls. But the frequency of hand vibration of atoms and atoms are close to the wall. Therefore, the finger rests against the wall.

For all types of interactions required resonance frequency.

It is easy to understand with a simple example. If you highlight a stone wall flashlight light, the light will be delayed wall. However, the mobile phone radiation is easy to pass through the wall. All the matter in the frequency differences between the torch and mobile phone radiation. While you read this, your body goes through the flows of various radiation. This cosmic radiation, radio, the signals are millions of mobile phone radiation coming from the ground, solar radiation, radiation that produce household appliances, etc.

You do not feel it, because you can only see the light and hear the sound only. Even if you sit in silence with eyes closed through your head are millions of phone calls, the picture of television news and radio messages. You do not take it, because there is no resonance frequencies between the atoms that make up your body and radiation. But if the response is - that you respond immediately. For example, when you remember the loved one who just thought of you. Everything in the universe is subject to the laws of resonance.

The world is made of energy and information. Einstein, after much deliberation about the world said: "The only existing reality in the universe - this field." Just as the waves of the sea are the creation, all manifestations of matter: organisms, planets, stars, galaxies - a field of creation.

The question arises as from the field created matter? What force controls the movement of matter?

Scientific studies have led them to an unexpected answer. The creator of quantum physics Max Planck during his speech when receiving the Nobel Prize said the following:

"Everything in the universe is created and exists because of the power. We must assume that behind this force is the conscious mind, which is the matrix of all matter. "

MATTER mind control

At the turn of the 20th and 21st century theoretical physics, new ideas that help to explain the strange properties of elementary particles. The particles can occur out of nowhere and suddenly disappear. Scientists admit the possibility of the existence of parallel universes. Possible moving particles from one layer to another universe. In the development of these ideas involved celebrities such as Stephen Hawking, Edward Witten, Juan Maldacena, Leonard Susskind.

According to the concepts of theoretical physics - the universe resembles a doll, which consists of a set of nested dolls - layers. This options universe - parallel worlds. Those that are close - very similar. But more layers apart layers - the lower the similarity between them. Theoretically, that would pass from one universe to another, do not need spaceships. All options are located one inside the other. For the first time, these ideas have been expressed by scientists in the mid-20th century. At the turn of the 20th and 21st century, they got mathematical proof. Today, such information is readily accepted by the public. However, a couple of hundred years ago, for such statements could burn at the stake, or to announce crazy.

All arises from the void. Everything is in motion. Objects - is an illusion. Matter is made of energy. Everything is created by thought.
These discoveries of quantum physics does not contain anything new. All this was known to the ancient sages. In many mystical teachings, which were considered confidential and accessible only to initiates, saying that there is no difference between thoughts and objects.
All full of energy in the world.
The universe responds to thought.
Energy follows attention.
That is, on what you focus your attention, is beginning to change.
These thoughts in various formulations are given in the Bible, the ancient Gnostic texts, in the mystical teachings that originated in India and South America. This guess the builders of the ancient pyramids. This knowledge is the key to the new technologies that are now used to control a reality.
Our body - the field of energy, information and intelligence that is in a constant state of dynamic exchange with the environment
. Pulses mind constantly, every second body attached to the new forms to adapt to the changing demands of life.
From the perspective of quantum physics, our physical body is under the influence of our mind is able to make the quantum leap from one biological age to another without passing through intermediate ages.


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