Melody's DNA is similar to the meditative rhythms of India

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Since ancient times the people knew that the sound has a miraculous power. Military cry, prayer, meditation exercises, some miraculous techniques psihoneurozy is primarily sound. The Greek physician Aesculapius was treated sciatica playing the trumpet in front of the patient. Pythagoras could heal the disease of spirit, soul and body, drawn up playing them special music and reading of the patient in the presence of extracts from Homer and Hesiod. At his University in the Kraton Pythagoras started and ended the day singing in the morning to clear the mind from sleep and to initiate activity; a night to tune in to the rest. In the vernal equinox, Pythagoras gathered his disciples in a circle in the middle of which stood one of them, conducting the choir and accompanied on the lyre.

In our days many doctors, although this seems unbelievable until, say, that soon instead of pills will be prescribed to patients symphonies and sonatas. Scientists have found that the whole world is in a constant musical vibrations. Only our ear distinguishes 1378 different tones in different ranges and out of range of human hearing, there are millions of sounds. But even the most minor changes in their frequency affect the state of our internal organs.The American Susan Alexander had the idea to record emanating from the individual radiation. Applied mathematics and physics, she tried to voice them. It turned out, our body is literally stuffed with a variety of vibrations: heart rate, endocrine cycles, and more. And if all these vibrations exist, it is possible not only to register but to listen? Help Alexander appealed to the biologist, University of California David Damer with the question: can the sound of the DNA molecule? Damer measured vibrations of DNA with an infrared spectrometer, and then transformed invisible vibrations in the sound range — and got music. And imagine, write ringtones DNA resembled a meditative melodies of India. The researchers are currently planning to record the melodies of organs. But it is already clear that each of us has within its own Symphony of sounds.What is the practical purpose of the use of music in medicine? Now, sometimes, it is replaced by anesthetics. In Europe's largest clinic of sports medicine in Luminale music therapy used in the preoperative, the most stressful for patients period. Special musical compositions reduce the levels of stress hormones in the blood, speed up treatment.Canadian scientists from McGill University in Montreal found that music is perceived not one, as previously thought, and different areas of the human brain. Each style has its own site head bark.However, what it is music that has the greatest therapeutic effect? Cardiologists prefer the classics. Listening to Mozart sonatas for piano allows suffering from Alzheimer's disease better navigate in space and time. According to the forecasts of some experts, the compact discs with this music will be sold in pharmacies like aspirin. And here is a list of prescriptions that some doctors recommend the use of patients from different ailments. Alcoholism and Smoking help "Ave Maria" by Schubert, "moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven, "the Swan" by Saint-Saens and "the Snowstorm" by Sviridov. From a stomach ulcer — "waltz of the flowers", from chronic fatigue syndrome — "Morning" by Grieg, "Dawn over the Moscow river" (fragment from the Opera "Khovanshchina" by Mussorgsky), as well as the song "Evening bells" and "the seasons" by Tchaikovsky. From depression help to get rid of "Waltz" by Shostakovich, the orchestra Purcell, composition "Man and woman" Leah, "the Snowstorm" by Sviridov. Insomnia — the Suite "peer Gynt" by Grieg, from gastritis — Sonata No. 7 by Beethoven. In the treatment of epilepsy effective means — works of Mozart. They reduce the risk of seizures from 21 to 62%. Blood pressure and cardiac function will lead to normal "Wedding March" of Mendelssohn, Nocturne in d minor and Chopin's piano Concerto in d minor for violin by Bach. Headache relieve listening to "Polonaise" Oginski, "Hungarian Rhapsody" Sheet or "Fidelio" by Beethoven. "To write" musical recipes can be long. But maybe I should turn on the CD?..

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And passing the news or is not news.

Japanese scientists announced the possibility to use DNA to store text, music and other data in digital format inside of living organisms.

Tomita, Masaru (Masaru Tomit) and his colleagues from Keio University in Tokyo (Keio University) stated that the encoded DNA information transmitted by inheritance, can be safely stored for hundreds of thousands of years. In fact, we are talking about almost a perfect medium. At the same time, CD-ROM, flash memory or hard disks are easily damaged and lose the information.

The researchers described a method of copying and recording data encoded according to the principle of artificial DNA into the genome of Bacillus subtilis – the most common and frequently occurring soil bacteria. "Thus obtained the universal repository of information with reliable transmission in time"



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