About Soviet chewing gum (7 photos)

Exactly 142 years ago, on 28 December 1869, the William F. Semple of Ohio received a patent on a chewing gum, that is a specific combination of inedible flexible framework and a variety of flavoring and aromatic additives suitable for chewing. And the people - these ruminant creatures - were able to shove in his mouth is not that anyhow, and the fact that in the Soviet Union then called "chewing gum", it "chewing gum", it "zhuvachku", it "Gumki", it "Zhuikov ».
Since all chewing gum flavored gradually dissolved, after which the foundation becomes tasteless, in the 80s worldwide after a chewing gum is usually discarded. But not in the Soviet Union ... In chewed gum shared with your friends, do not care that the "mouth to mouth turns microbe" and chew, chew, chew until it begins to fall some really quite inelastic fiber. But even then it is not discarded, but certainly somewhere to cleave.

in the Soviet Union was of surprisingly rumination sacred character: it wanted to chew, chew it alkali. In fact, the matter was that you chew (the cud craftsmen worked from home-made toothpaste, bake it on a normal radiator). The process of chewing chewing symbolized involvement to no one foreign sacrament.
Anyone who has traveled abroad, trying to bring a souvenir gum friends, relatives, or those who were for him in the Union of the right person. Foreigners in the USSR before leaving gum stuffed their pockets, wallets, and then gave it to our citizens and pioneers. One Soviet Negro I once told that most of all when it "get" no shouts, "Look, Manya, the Negro went," and took him for a foreigner children zanudlivym their requests: "Uncle, give me gum."

In Soviet schools with this fashion waged a real war: the students of junior classes the teacher told that from swallowed gum can stick together pop, more incredulous students of secondary school age - is that the process of chewing on an empty stomach allocates a gastric acid, which contributes to the development of stomach ulcers and gastritis . Well, absolutely incredulous high school students proved that it is terribly unattractive and chewing gum Soviet girl very similar to ruminant titled "Cow».
By the way, in Soviet misconception that chewing gum is digested in the stomach 7 years, many believe still. In fact, the stomach to digest chewing gum somewhat more complicated than organic food, but chewing gum is digested and excreted in the same way as ordinary food, but about the harmfulness of rumination on an empty stomach - it's true.

Seeing chewing student teachers forced him to spit out the contents of the mouth as soon a bucket to wash floors (and such were almost in each class), and particularly bullying and malicious cynicism considered when a teacher began a vigorous chewing mouth empty air, and in response to the teacher spit gum - show that there is nothing in his mouth.
Therefore, Soviet schoolchildren ripped passion where there is Shakespearean. On the one hand cud like having to walk through the school and ostentatiously loud slurp, causing a genuine interest in the contents of his classmates mouth. On the other hand I had to be careful walking by a teacher not long spit is a treasure.

A chewy treasures then were such:

Soviet chewing gum - the best, of course, not prestigious. In the USSR, there were five main types: the "orange" - sour taste which ends in five minutes; "Strawberry" and "Crimson" - sweetish taste which was held for ten minutes; the most stable in the taste - "Mint"; and the most disgusting "coffee aroma", from which some children jump pressure and headache. But some adults "Coffee" chewing gum greatly appreciated - I think that it beats the smell of fume. It cost 50 kopecks happiness. for a pack of 5 pcs. and even sold on newsstands "Sayuzdruk." Plus we have a rare Baltic gum for 15 kopecks per pad, and very very rare Georgian and Armenian chewing gum.
Soviet foreign gum were denser, and although the taste was lost very quickly, but they last longer and chew. Because of its density, they are not inflated into a bubble, but when mixed with a piece of gum and chew butter, that their lack of correct and then they are a bit inflated.
And to give a taste of the gum lost even mixed with sugar or jam. To chew gum for several days, she went to bed at night or in the refrigerator or in a glass of vodoy.Chtoby splurge and gum from the Soviet imported multicolored pretend it was painted with ink from ballpoint pens of different colors or crushed leads encased colored pencils.

Gum Soviet bloc countries - mostly Polish and most-most is "Bolek and Lёlek" with a series of inserts that contain fragments of the cartoon, which represented for some great collectible value. Well, the Czech "Pedro" - they were given as a very cheap prize and sold in the touring "Luna Park" from Czechoslovakia at first for 50 cents, and then for the ruble. And rare Bulgarian "Ideal».

Turkish gum - first "Turbo" on the ruble and a half with a fruity aroma and inserts with cars, power and exclusivity which the exchange determines how liner "expensive". Somehow, "Turbo" is most often traded in the Union of Roma. Then in the early 90s - «Love Is ...» inserts the relationship with a boy and a girl and a short definition of love like "Love is ... to give her all his salary and did not sleep with her girlfriends».
Well, about the rest of the gum in the form of cigarettes or chewing gum "Donald Duck" or "Tutti Frutti" or sold in the "Birch" from Wrigley's chewing gum and so forth remember themselves.

Surprisingly, appearing in children wrappers and inserts from zhevachek then turned into an object of fetish. Gum wrappers were known as the "label" or "wrappers". But above them they valued "inserts" - different pictures embedded in gum. They are collected, they changed their ... stealing. They could even sell. And then the usual collecting was not limited to and in parallel with them came into vogue "game in candy wrappers." Play it like this (variations are possible):
1) Two players are near the window sill, and each is selected from the collection of wrappers approximately equal value.
2) The first player (winner of the candy wrappers, whose value is recognized above) has a slap of his hand on his candy wrappers trying to run it into the air so that it turned upside down.
3) If he succeeds, he gets the right to strike at the opponent's wrappers.
4) If a player manages to flip the opponent's label, it goes into his property.
Surprisingly, this game has been elevated to the rank of gambling, players caught at schools, selected collection materials and strictly punished until you call the school parents. However, the wrappers still were cut in the minute changes, trying to win some unique liner with a machine that in the school there is only one. And the lessons in moments of boredom viewed life stories of Donald Duck.
But childhood, alas, it does not last long.


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