American demotivatory about Russia (30 photos)

What demotivatory draw Americans about Russia. After all, we draw about them? )

- Russia and nuclear weapons

- Russian airshow. Never stupid

- In Soviet Russia you yourself push the car to where it should be.

- In Soviet Russia dances themselves dancing for you.

- Russian Marines. Even war is not so terrible as they are.

- Special Forces. Russian ballerina who know how to use weapons

- Guys! Jump, save vodka.

- Peugeot Russian version

- Breakfast, the main meal for the day

- Russia, where vodka is cheaper than water

- Roads in Russia painted in Photoshop

- In Soviet Russia says in microphone you

- Russian police. Cool hats, silly faces

- One in five Russian latent pedophile. (I put the boy on the left)

- Recycling. Russian hate her

- Swings, in Soviet Russia they only cops

- (In America - you divide by zero ... In Soviet Russia ... Oh, damn!) In Soviet Russia ... people from an early age taught that you can not divide by zero

- Mathematics, Russian version

- Camera gun, this is possible only in Russia

- Russian home. Senseless and merciless

- Russia, where everything is possible

- Are you afraid of the alien invasion? How Come? They have already arrived on Earth ...

- At its Russian version of what should be canned

- Russian sausage knife against Chinese

- Chips, from Russia with love

- Russian demotivatory. This is a complete shit!

- In Soviet Russia Noriss Chuck still has you

- In Mother Russia beasts afraid of you!

- Special Forces. As a ninja, but only with a gun ...

- Tetris. The real proof that the Soviet Union was not all that bad (for reference Tetris invented Russian)


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