The whole truth about the Soviet Women

We want to tell you about the life of women who lived in the Soviet Union. The reverse side of the image of sportswomen and Komsomol and all the hardships of life of women in those years you learn under the cut.


Today's 20-30-year-olds do not realize that most women "30" in the Soviet Union were unkempt, badly dressed, unhealthy fat and bad teeth.


Unbelievers rather biased view "Office Romance". Well, how old mymra?


Their guilt it was not. Well, not a bit. They were forced to live by the rules by which to live their grandmothers and mothers.


Plus, in the 30's put a woman on a tractor, and forgot to remove it from there.


However, it was the Soviet women - blonde on a tractor - are largely due to the victory in the Patriotic War. You say there also, as well as the same Comrade Stalin and Comrade Zhyukoff?


And only thanks to our women, we were able to call on much more soldiers than Germany could afford. And any other country, except perhaps China ...


The Germans, for example, up to 1944, did not call experts. Almost a third of the appeal of suitable contingent remained in the rear! I could not, and did not want a German frau replace her husband at the machine! Three nebezizvestnyh "K", and our failed. However, it is not voluntary, but could.


For it had to pay a high price - the current problems with the demographics from there, from those times. For as soon as you pull the woman from the "three K" - you get one child in the family. And nothing else ... brought us Russian women ...


But let's get back to the exterior of the Soviet woman and think, where they had to take it ?. In a country of victorious socialism for almost all hygienic purposes only used wool, the Olympics were laying of the "sponge" and the product №2 «verified electronics» ...


And from the Soviet woman makeup powder it was available, but more like a dust shadow, like shoe polish. Another was popular indelible pencil - is quite normal and not a cosmetic and nail flooring complete with acetone. It will replace the fat in the 70s ...


Again -zhe the beginning of the 80s there has been some progress. Sometimes Wanda "threw" a Polish cosmetics which, as it turned out by the Poles used to process the dead, because they could get the French. Later came and French brands, though most often they were made in Syria or Egypt under license.


Spirits' favorite bouquet Empress "- they are the same" Red Moscow "until the same 80, were the only decent odor releases powerful perfume industry.

No bikini line, and indeed the Soviet woman was considered "chic" - if allowed myself the whole pantyhose under pants ... And if she allowed herself to them do not wash ... But such luxury until the mid-90s I had not seen. Even in the bathroom of the Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation were dried, the whole truth, tights ...


At the head of the Soviet women tend to wear chemistry. It is a type of permanent distortion. Hair of this they were like wire and some old became bald. From hair dyes it was available Henna Perico hydrogen and Basma. Closer to the Olympics there are still some, but it seems to me a short while.


Many wore the hairstyle that you can see on Lyubov Sliska, it usually underlay ripped stockings or tangles of wool, and the ladies wore her hair type Matvienko - every evening to wind the hair on curlers iron. By the way interesting, Aunt Valya in curlers sleeping or is it a wig ...


Imagine the feeling of her husband when he came home from work and saw the kitchen fat monster with a mouth full of steel / gold teeth, cucumbers on the cheeks (skin care), hairy beetle-crusher and in the mind of the monster orderly rows of plastic were fashionable then heated rollers. You can not imagine - and not necessary. But the main thing at the neighbor was exactly the same ... so that social justice was on your face ...


Speaking of teeth. If you now & quot; Golda & quot; in the mouth - a sign of sheer provincialism - at that time it was a sign of prosperity. A first pneumatic drill in Moscow appeared only in 1975 ... And what is the amalgam - you are better off not knowing.


Underwear Soviet women in 90 percent of cases - were produced in the Soviet Union. Most of these were shapeless pants and a bra, looks more like a portable chute.


Painted in bright colors they contained up to 146% synthetic fabrics. For that it is necessary to say a special thanks to our mighty military-industrial complex and the quarrel with the Chinese ... Capron 70 appeared due to the need to insulate the wires PTR.


Tops was a little better, but not too much. Some sewed themselves, but to get the normal material is also a problem. Astrakhan fur and nutrievye sewn in numerous studio resembled a heavy body armor, like the cut and weight. A hat, ah, these hats from the tail of the Siberian chanterelle ... A drab coat, whose design has been approved seems even Lunacharsky ...


Shoes require a separate speech in the capital in the 70's was a popular Czech shoes Batevskih former factories in Brno. Very socks, comfortable, but not aesthetically pleasing. A Yugoslav boots worth exactly salary engineer. Monthly.

But if all this plaster and sackcloth with Soviet woman take off - she's been nice, but in the North, plus the housing problem ... And the Komsomol with trade union bdili ...


This does not mean that I am trying to prove the correctness of the frigid kretinki that vyaknula during the teleconference saying "there is no sex in the USSR". No, just a beautiful Soviet woman was very short-lived. By the age of 30, most looked at modern 40.Nu and 40 to 50-plus. It is now the case, and then to break out of this vicious circle could only celebrities, and even then not all.


His role is also played by the massive use of female labor in heavy and low-paid jobs. It is now in crutches sleepers mainly Tajiks beaten. They are the same and serve as caretakers. In the USSR it was women's work, and by the way ... How asfaltoukladka kranovschitsa ... there were many ...


It was hard to Soviet woman to be a woman, but nature took its, otherwise I do not like to write, but you do not read ...


To tell the truth, despite the fact that the European average age of menopause is 40 years, the last 52 year, the Soviet Union, he was almost at the bottom of the border medical - around 43-44 years.



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