Air iron sculptor Mattia Trotta

We offer a look at the amazing sculptures of iron chains and wire that creates an Italian sculptor Mattia Trotta.

1. Mattia Trotta was born in Savona in 1980. By training he is a mechanical engineer, so very familiar with all the characteristics of metals. Seriously art seized it in 2002. To submit your own vision of the world Mattia Trotta uses all his technical expertise and knowledge of the properties of materials. In addition to work on the collective and personal exhibitions that Mattia Trotta creates more and theatrical scenery.

2. Mattia Trotta Sculptor working with iron. The material he chooses for his works, all of its specific features is actively involved in creating a new image. The sculptor is well aware of the material you are working with, so likes to call himself the master of his craft, a specialist in the treatment of such a hard material such as iron. But besides iron for his sculptures he uses and marble, especially for performance reasons for sculpture.

3. The material you are working with a sculptor, in the process of creating a sculpture changed and modified, but the master is not using any welding or soldering, working exclusively by hand. For this reason, the sculpture creates a slow, and the work itself to the metal often preceded by a long process of designing on paper, beginning with a sketch drawing.

4. Work with the sculpture starts with a steel frame, which is then wrapped around the chain. These iron thread, turn after turn, superimposed on the frame, gradually filling the void and showing silhouette sculpture.

5. As an experienced tailor who dresses his needle creates a perfectly sitting on a figure, Mattia Trotta using iron threads creating a shell capable of transmitting feelings and emotions. He himself says: "Each line has its place, the whole sculpture is hard, but it can pass through the wind, the air fills part of its volume, linking it to the environment." It can be said that this concept is close to the works of Gonzalez (whose works are so fond of Picasso) - a sculpture seems carved out of the air.

6. When working on a sculpture of iron undergoes a complex treatment using acid solutions, reproached the natural corrosion processes. So the artist achieves his obtaining the necessary shades.

7. In his works, especially when Mattia Trotta wants to transmit movement of the body, the sculptor has always sought the strength of the whole structure.

8. Harmony, plastic laws governing the system volume, and generate each other, mean that the voids have the same meaning as filled space, and allow you to better feel the hardness and density.

9. Mattia Trotha argues that iron thread are the perfect vehicle for his creative energy, and they are able to fully capture the imagination.

10. Some work Mattia Trotha (eg, AngeleTerra) evoke images of antiquity, while others (Maria) are directly related to the present moment. All his works express the feelings and emotions that are most closely associated with the world.

11. Mattia Trotha talks about his work: "The thoughts, exchange of information, emotions - everything is connected in one chain. My circuit sets the rhythm and speed, to the extent to which I want to fit their work covered by light and shadow, silence and chaos, air and matter, heaven and earth ».

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