An inspiring tale of Spanish cautious Ines

On the way to Cordoba necessarily turn to the dusty road to a small village in a transparent fast river. Let go of the horse, relax in the shade of the vineyard. This land is littered with tales, and perhaps she will tell you a story about a cautious girl named Inez.

"She lived in the light of a modest family: his father Juan, Anna mother and daughter Ines. Father many years ago returned from America without a heavy purse, but with a light heart. The girl's mother was cheerful, beautiful and kind woman. The family was respected and loved by the neighbors, and the small vineyard, thanks to the efforts and care, bring enough money. Ines grew up amusing and risible girl, but her parents noticed one oddity in early childhood - very much she was careful

. - I do not know what to do with it! - Sometimes in the hearts of Anna clapped her hands. - Well, so cautious! All the guys are running around - our paces gradually like Hidalgo! Brook, where the water-it ankle deep to navigate - Ines skirt above the head lifts, if only not to wet the hem

! The parents were surprised, but the girl is not abused. After careful not to sin.

Years passed, Ines grew, and grew, and its careful with it.

- And on the milk does not burn, but still blowing on the water! - Juan laughed

. But soon the parents was not amused: Ines blossomed since that is not something that grooms from all around - most of Cordoba string stretched! She seems to be happy, friendly young man greeted, seated at the table, pouring wine. But here her caution and let down. How Inez began his questions - as grooms and escaped. Mother only surprised but frowned.

- What kind of questioning such a daughter? You're not an inquisitor to the human soul inside out to turn out? What is your business, whether the father hit the boy his wife?
- And if you beat, he suddenly, on watching his father would beat me? - Ines mind. - I do not want this
! - I want to do not want to ... So you will sit on the shelf gray
! - So, the fate of such - Inez smiled - but just would not go for someone

! "Do you often go to church? A wine you drink a lot? Parents Come live with each other? A mother is your kind? "- And rang her silver voice. Grooms blushed, stammered confused and ran. But the girl did not yield any sighs mother or father's views.

- Daughter, - could not resist once Juan - you would have asked a lot if he lands or gold, and all the small stuff that elicits
! - So did you learn on the human wealth? - Ines surprised. - Well, I'll go for the rich, and if it would be a bad
? - As you know, - sighed the father - but, I feel, to care your grandchildren, we can not wait! All scared away!

Rights turned Juan. All deadlines have passed, and all Ines chooses. Parents buried sooner they left the land, because my daughter married and not outstanding. She became the mistress of the house and vineyard, do not have to miss, missing work. And the young men, though not in droves, as before, but still frequented. Ines did not take years, only became more beautiful and ... more careful! I saw it as an old woman and the Amalia said:
- Looks like our only death and Ines zasvataet

! The bad she was a woman: the language accurately sting. That death of her and heard.

- And what - laugh - go Woo! If you agree - take away to itself. All the same, the sky in vain smokes: the parents are gone, no husband at her or the children. What is one to wander through the world?

Was death by this gentleman, sat down on the black stallion and raced to the village. She found the right house, knocked on the door. Ines first dumbfounded: these suitors she was not yet! Mustache, Black waistcoat embroidered with silver, a horse, which she did not see the sword to the floor! USADA is still a guest at the table, put a jug of wine, and she changed into a most beautiful dress. But Death sits and wonders how this somehow delayed in girls ?! Beauty, clever, guests can take in the house clean. Even I regretted it a little bit, but not from his retreat.

- Marry me, my beauty! All you will have what you wish!
- Why do not you quit? - She smiles in response. - That's just, sir, if I match you
? - All equal to me - comforted Death
. - A well-Do I have to be
? - Yes, no one has yet complained
! - Do you live far
? - It seems to be far away, but in fact close
. - And you have a great house
? - So many people put - do not count! - Meets Death, and she thinks, "That is because the curious! Till death speak! ยป
- Do you have a good
? - Who calls - that kind, and who drives -. That evil
But Ines is not appeased, only wine pours guest.
- Kiddies love
? - I Do not like it - Death frowned tipsy. - Bad is when kids
! - It will also be bored
? - Do not be afraid, do not get bored
! - And in the church often go
? - Hey, beautiful! - Death angry, even grabbing the table with his fist. - What are you doing my head to fool? Answer right: Will you marry me or not ?!
- Yes, why not go, that's just still want to ask whether your mother good
? - I have no mother! - Death screamed. - No one I have! And you're curious, a hundred years is not needed!

I realized it, her tongue, and late. Word-it is said - will not return. Itself one hundred years Ines gave a reprieve, and no one to blame. Death calmed down, smiled even.

- Oh, and you're careful, Ines! I will not take you.
- How do you like the lord, - she replied modestly lowered her eyes and

. Death jumped on his horse, waved goodbye.

- Do not pull with marriage, beautiful! Prior to the meeting.

Here and neighbor came down with questions.

- What are you, and this scared off? Yes, he is all in silver, a real gentleman! How long are you still going to choose ?!
- Caution is not a sin! - I said Ines

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