The most famous in the world of the grave and terrible stories

With the death of every human being has to face during his lifetime. Someone refers to it philosophically, and some frankly afraid. Perhaps that is why in the world there are burial fanned mysticism. In our review of the 10-ka became cult of graves and macabre stories with them svyazannyh.1. Rosalia Lombardo (1918 - 1920, the Capuchin Catacombs in Italy)

Mummies now - this is the banality of no surprise. However, there is one of the brightest and most recent examples that will put to shame Egyptian mummies - Rosalia Lombardo. Rosalia died of pneumonia in 1920, lived only two years. Her inconsolable father decided to perpetuate the memory of his little daughter and paid embalmer Alfredo Salafia for ensuring that the mummified Rosalia. Salafia replaced all the blood Rosalia formaldehyde, dried her skin with a mixture of alcohol and glycerine, as well as to prevent the spread of the fungus on the body by means of salicylic acid. The effect was stunning. It's been 100 years old, and the girl looks as if sleeping in his glass coffin, which is sealed and filled azotom.2. Cages for the dead (the Victorian era) 39,515,135

The Victorian era is known for a very unusual traditions. For example, there was a tradition to build cages for dead. To be precise, they were buried in standard, and then constructed over the grave of the cage to the dead not out of the graves. Although it has another explanation - it is possible that the cells over the graves constructed to protect against grobokopateley.3. Taira but Masakado (940, Japan)

Samurai in their lifetime, and after his death, the demigod Masakado left a significant mark in the history of the city of Tokyo. Masakado, who was a samurai during the Heian period, led by one of the largest rebellion against the government in Kyoto. For his crimes against the state, he was beheaded in the year 940. However, the body Masakado, or rather his head, not calmed down after his death. According to the historical records of the time, his head is rotting for three months after the execution, and during that whole time furiously rolled her eyes. In the end, his head buried in the place, where he built the city of Tokyo. It was said that the grave Masakado not be disturbed, because it is fraught with serious disasters for Tokyo and for the whole of Japan. Since superstitious Japanese authorities maintain the grave, which is the oldest in the world, in an ideal sostoyanii.4. Lilly Gray (1881-1958, cemetery Salt Lake City, USA)

At first glance, there's nothing particularly terrible in this common grave, but if you look closely at the gravestone, we can see the inscription "666 Victim of the beast." Although, on this strange epitaph, as the beast he did not mean Beelzebub, and the US government. Lilly's husband, Elmer Grey, for unknown reasons, so hated the law, and any governing bodies that accused them of his death zheny.5. Family crypt Chase (Barbados) 58,151,197

Now we will focus on Barbados, Caribbean. When Thomas Chase wanted to be buried in the family vault in 1813, it was found that in the family vault all the coffins were moved from his seat. This did not open the vault from 1808, when the two-year Mary Ann died Chase. Large marble door was sealed layer of cement, and nothing out of the crypt was stolen. To pay tribute to the deceased, the coffins were placed in the starting position and the crypt was sealed again. In 1816 the crypt was reopened to bury eleven Charles Brewster Ames. Again - all the coffins were moved, even a heavy lead coffin of Thomas Chase, who barely raised eight men to bring it in sklep.Eti news reached the governor of Barbados, who in 1819 ordered an investigation. Paul crypt was sanded, and the walls were carefully checked for secret passages. After that, the crypt was sealed again. Less than a year later, the governor has ordered to open the tomb. On the sand there was not a single trace, the seal was intact, but the coffins were once again shifted from their seats. What's more - some even stand upright, and the other half were on the steps of the crypt. Then the governor ordered to carry the coffins and buried in a different place and a crypt with the time and did not vskryvayut.6. Mary Shelley (1797 - 1851, the chapel of St. Peter, Dorset, England)

Not only some of the loving husband wanted to be buried with his heart halves, wrapped in their hearts, wrapped in a paper bag format A4? This is what Mary Shelley. When the body of her husband Percy Bysshe Shelley was cremated on the beach in Via Reggio in Italy in 1822 (after a tragic accident on a sailboat), it appeared that his heart remained intact. A few days later the remains were buried in Shelley Protestant Cemetery in Rome, the heart of Mary and took it home with me to England. She kept it in the top drawer of his desk until his death in 1851, after which the heart is wrapped in a manuscript of "Adonai Elegy death" John Keats, was buried with ney.7. Russian mafia (Ekaterinburg, Russia) 95,183,205

The notorious 90 years in Yekaterinburg, as elsewhere in the Soviet Union, there is a "showdown" criminal gangs. At the city cemetery there are many graves of representatives of Russian mafia gangs, each of which installed granite obelisks with images of those killed in full view. At the same time in most of the graves were installed surveillance cameras, which worked around the clock and had to be protected from vandalov.8. Inez Clark (1873 - 1880, Chicago, USA)

Inez Clark - six year old girl who was killed by a lightning strike in 1880. Her tomb was erected a monument in the form of life-size girl sitting on a bench in a lace dress and holding an umbrella in his hand and a flower. The work was commissioned by the parents and had a cube of orgstekla.9. Kitty Jay (Devon, England)

The tomb, which locals usually called Tomb Jay, is a fairly nondescript mound overgrown with grass. Grave Kitty Jay, committed suicide at the end of the 1700s, located in the terrible depths of Dartmoor, became a cult destination for ghost hunters. Due to the fact that religion is the stigma of suicide in the 18 th century, Kitty Jay refused to be buried in the cemetery. Her tomb placed at the crossroads to the spirit of Kitty could not find their way to the afterlife. However, somewhere always appear fresh grave Kitty tsvety.10.Elizaveta Demidova (1779 - 1818, Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France)

In a little-known Parisian Pere Lachaise cemetery buried Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf and Oscar Wilde. Also, this cemetery is the final resting place of Elizabeth Demidova, which was married at age 14 for the first Prince of San Donato on the calculation. One of the richest women of her generation had died unhappy and bequeathed his fortune to the person who will be able to spend a week in her crypt without food. Many people have tried to do it, but no one has. Therefore, the state of the princess is almost 200 years remains unclaimed.


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