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Temper, unmatched power of the spirit, the ability to act in spite of the circumstances - usually such character traits attributed to men. But at all times there were women who surprised his contemporaries courage of their actions and deeds.

Website will describe only a few of them - and they are all different, but one thing unites them: such fate should know.

Juana Inés de la Cruz h3>

Mexican Juana Inés de la Cruz (1651-1695) childhood differed extraordinary abilities. In 3 years, I learned to read on their own, to 6 years was able to write, sew and embroider, which in those days was a complete education of women in the 8 years began to write their own poems. In 15 years, Juan presented to the court, and she was the first queen's maid of honor, after which the girl and her work learned all the high society. She grew up on a real beauty, and fans did not rebound, but quite a young age she decided to enter a monastery, explaining that there is only a woman can safely engage in science. Juan went down in history as a truly original and capricious poet, whose works are republished to this day.

Eleanor of Aquitaine h3>

In the XII century was no beauty pageants, everyone already knew who owns the title of "Miss Europe" - Eleanor of Aquitaine, wife of two kings and owner of three crowns. Her first husband was the king of France, Louis VII, which is terribly jealous of his beloved wife and could not cope with her violent temper. The incredible happened: after 13 years of marriage, the couple divorced, but Eleanor was again an enviable bride. Her second husband was the king of England, Henry II - Eleanor loved her husband and gave him five sons and three daughters. But after a while the husband is cold to her, and one day her into the castle, that it could not interfere with his personal life. Finally Eleanor held for 16 years, where it became king, saved the favorite son Richard (aka Lionheart). She is survived by eight out of ten of his children and died at 82 years old, stay sober mind until the last days.

Mirabal Sisters h3>

Mirabal sisters - Patria, Minerva and Maria Teresa - were political activists and struggled with the regime, which was established in the Dominican Republic, the then President Rafael Trujillo. Together with their husbands, they fought for justice and democracy in the country, were members of the underground revolutionary movement. Despite numerous arrests and detentions, nothing could stop the activity of these women. November 25, 1960 the government committed a massacre with the sisters that the impetus for the mass public anger. After only 6 months of the dictator Trujillo was captured and his regime fell. Since then, the UN has declared 25 November the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Nina Petrova h3>

The Great Patriotic War began when the heroine of the story was already 48 years old. Acute shortage of staff and unrestrained zeal to defend the homeland have done their work, and Nina Pavlovna was accepted into the ranks of the army. At first she worked in the sick-bay, and then retrained in the snipers. By February 1945, this brave woman warrior that soldiers affectionately called "Mama Nina", has prepared 512 snipers, has been awarded a variety of awards and medals. Unfortunately, back home she had not perished in just 8 days before the Victory.

Nancy Wake h3>

Over her head the Gestapo set a price of 5 million francs, but to catch Nancy, nicknamed the "White Mouse", the Nazis did not succeed. As an agent of the French Resistance, the girl did not just go on the edge of a knife, he took part in combat operations and recruitment. Morale Nancy was not to take that one day she stood on guard killed a German sentry with their bare hands, interrupting his throat with a special reception that he had no time to raise the alarm during the attack on the garrison poppies German troops. After the war, Wake was awarded a huge number of awards and medals of different countries. She has worked in intelligence, and died in 2011 at 98 years.

Joan of Arc h3>

It is impossible not to mention about this legendary woman who became a national heroine of France. As head of the army during the Hundred Years War, it inspired his troops to victory and won battle after battle, lifted the siege of Orleans. Once in captivity, Jeanne was handed over to the British, but during the trial it became clear that the blame Joan will not be so easy - the girl stand on the judgment seat with stunning courage and confidence to refute accusations of heresy and dealings with the devil, avoiding numerous traps. Although the prisoner's will has not been broken, Joan of Arc was burned at the stake. It all went down in world history as one of the most courageous women.

Lilian Bland h3>

Once a careless young man has managed in the presence of Lilian Bland blurt out that women and technology are incompatible. Ms. photographer and a reporter without hesitation to the challenge - and in 1910 built in Ireland your own airplane. The girl was able to fly at the time the impressive 27 meters, and she had no idea how to manage this large object. Lillian lived a long and interesting life, married and moved to Canada, loved gambling and died at the age of 93, and prejudice against women and technology experience it for years to come.

Tomoe Godzen h3>

While countless women in Japanese history from time to time, was forced to take up arms, Tomoe Godzen was a perfect warrior and one of the real examples of these women warriors of feudal Japan. She took part in the war Gempei (1180-1185) as a senior officer, "is not afraid of no demons, no gods, bravely jumped at the frisky horse, descended into any abyss, and when the battle begins, wore a heavy battle armor, girded with a sword, He picked up a powerful bow and join the battle of the first, as the brave, valiant warrior! Not once rattled the fame of its exploits, no one could compare with it in courage. "Becoming a rare example of a female warrior Tomoe image often used in some anime and dramas.

Rosa Luxemburg h3>

This woman has ever entered world history as one of the most influential revolutionaries. For anti-war propaganda during the First World War not once been persecuted, that did not prevent her from continuing to fight for their opinions, write articles and brochures. His friends urged her to take an independent role in politics and free from the domination of men. For their beliefs Rose had to pay his own life, but it has also left his name among the most courageous women of the last century.

Hedy Lamarr h3>

Hedy Lamarr always differed violent temper: at 16 she left home and began to act in films, she married Austrian millionaire, and after 4 years of marriage bored in the best tradition of Hollywood ... Hollywood fled. Here she not only became a successful actress, but also the inventor: outstanding ability in the exact sciences have allowed it to play a lot of talk about the technical details of the weapons, which led her first husband and his colleagues. As a result of this fragile woman managed to radio interference-patented technology, but that was not appreciated at the time. But over the years on the basis of its development it has been created of GSM, GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 802.11.

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