7 women can be proud of our planet

We are in the Website adored a fascinating biography, and it's great that about a lot of interesting people we haven't managed to tell. In the part of the approaching International women's day, we offer you to plunge into the wonderful stories of several amazing women, and each of them are talented and interesting in their own way.

Fanny Mendelssohn

The author of the well-known March composer Felix Mendelssohn, was equally talented sister, about which little who knows. Fanny in the family adored is a wonderful pianist, singer and songwriter, but her talent is not enough spread in those days for women much more important was the role of a good wife and mother. Felix also performed many works of the sisters under his own name, and during the life of Fanny was only published a few collections of her own compositions.

After her death, was published more than 500 works, among which was the collection of lyric pieces for piano from 12 miniatures — Fanny wrote it as a Christmas gift for your spouse. After 35 years this will be "the seasons" by Tchaikovsky, the idea of a time cycle, divided by months, would be considered innovative.

Ruth Handler

One day Ruth noticed her daughter Barbara does for their dolls furniture made from matchboxes. And then she came up with the idea together with her husband engaged in the production of toy furniture for kids, and a little later she decided to make a doll similar to ideal that will appeal to every girl. So was born the Barbie doll, named after her daughter, and a little later her boyfriend Ken, whose Creator was named in honor of his son.

The Mattel toy has become a real Empire, generating millions of dollars. However, despite health problems (Ruth was diagnosed with cancer of the breast), this woman coped with the difficulties. The handle of perineal several operations, became an activist in the fight against cancer and created a company that makes prostheses for women after amputation of the breast.

Margaret Hamilton

One of the most critical moments of the mission "Apollo-11" the work of Margaret and her team prevented a possible failure of the landing on the moon. 3 minutes before the lunar landing module worked a few alarm signal devices — the computer simply was overloaded with incoming data.

Margaret foresaw this problem and made it so that the operating system is "Apollo" was able to resist it. When overload in this scenario did happen, pre-written by her and her colleagues the program helped the computer understand the priorities: a good landing, and Neil Armstrong successfully landed on the moon.

Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace lived a short life, but managed to make a major contribution to the science — is it called the world's first programmer. The girl combined beauty, femininity and grace, and still sharp mind and love of mathematics. Together with Charles Babbage, Professor of mathematics at Cambridge University, Ada worked on the development of the adding machine.

One day, Babbage asked Ada to translate from French to English seminar about the analytical engine. She approached the matter responsibly, the work took a year, and comments in the 52 pages were much more extensive than the translation. The work was ingenious: Ada Lovelace coined the terms "cycle" and "the working cell", described an algorithm for computing Bernoulli numbers on the analytical engine. She also predicted that in the future the machine will be able to create algebraic formulas, and in the future — to write music, draw pictures and indicate "science such path, which we never dreamed of". And only after half a century of its invention took shape and forever changed the development of mankind.


Burda was a simple German housewife who raised three sons in a happy marriage. But one day she inadvertently found out that her husband has long been cheating on her with his Secretary, moreover, he gave her a printing workshop and a fashion magazine. Enna was furious, but they did something tricky with the lawyer took the husband's mistress the magazine and began to lead them myself.

In the postwar years, women have dreamed of a cheap, but beautiful clothes, and then Enna decided to issue the journal in which it was possible to find a simple and intuitive patterns, as well as tips for Housewives. And she was right on target: circulation: growing up right in front, and women around the world had the opportunity to find your style for the available funds. By the way, Enna herself was never fond of sewing, but loved to cook, had a great flair and diligence.

Anna Pavlova

One of the greatest ballerinas of the XX century, was born in St. Petersburg in 1881. Career developed rapidly: Anna Pavlova danced principal roles in classical ballets, the Mariinsky theatre and was the first who made a world tour with his troupe. She became the first performer of the ballet "the Dying Swan", which later became a real symbol of Russian culture and the whole ballet in General. At the peak of her career, Anna moved to London, settling in a cosy mansion with a lake where lived the white swans — these birds ballerina never ceased to marvel at the rest of your life.

Estee Lauder

This incredible woman has created a brand that still enjoys huge success and managed to keep the company within his family, can not be said about many other cosmetic brands.From the age of 16 este worked as the assistant to my uncle, a chemist, helping in the manufacture of means on care of a skin, and in 1946 founded Estée Lauder Cosmetics.

Este was not only a great chemist but also a very far-sighted woman: great attention has been communicating with the buyers and often she stood behind the counter. It was her idea to give a gift with purchase and was sure that one only has to try her cosmetics — and success is guaranteed, because women will tell her friends about the miracle jar. Cosmetics are manufactured under the brand name of este, and to this day, and the group of companies Estée Lauder includes more than 25 different brands.

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