20 vital tips from the people older than 60

Recently, a survey was conducted among people aged over 60 on the theme "What advice would you give to a modern young people?". It seems to be quite a simple matter, but some of the answers were quite surprising.

Website offers you to read tips mentioned almost all survey participants. It is better to know and to act now and not to regret later.

1. People always say, 'Good job one from which you enjoy every day. " This incorrect statement. Good work - is the work that you can tolerate the majority of working days, while it covers all of your expenses. Almost no one has a job, which can be adored every second.

2. Years pass in the blink of an eye. Do not marry young. Live life to the fullest. Travel. Proceed. Whether you have money or not. Gather the bag and go wherever you can afford. As long as you do not have children, do not waste money on things. In all things. Look at the world. Poke a point on the map. And more!

3. Do not take things too seriously. Even if at some point in life seems hopeless and desperate, try to laugh at all this ass, and on how well you ugorazdilo.

4. A friend - the one who will come to help, even if you call it two in the morning. The rest - just acquaintances.

5. The most important person in your life - a person who agrees to share his life with you. Treat it well.

6. You will not notice how your children grow. So spend with them as much as possible.

7. No one has died with regret that little has worked in my life . Be industrious, but do not put work before family, friends and, eventually, himself!

8. You can live a long life, and maybe even short - no one knows. But be that as it may, take care of your health is in need of youth.

9. If you are tired of your life, just stop and think about the present, enjoy all that is beautiful and really important. Take a deep breath, relax. And I realize that everything is relative.

10. Eat and exercise as if you are a diabetic with heart disease - so you never have become.

11. We have only one life. Do not wake up somehow with the knowledge that you have 60 and you did not realize anything had dreamed all his life.

12. This may not be such a profound advice as others, but still: brush your teeth regularly, dental problems - it's awful.

13. Do not follow all the advice as the biblical precepts. You can ask for advice from someone whom you respect, then weigh again their situation and make their own decisions.

14. Things - it's just a thing. Do not hold the material objects, hold time and events.

15. The damage that you receive today will be aware of his age. Even if you think you have them completely healed. BELIEVE!

16. Appreciate every moment and every detail. In his youth, always want all at once. But why not appreciate every little moment? We're not on this planet forever, and the greatest pleasure that we can afford - is to enjoy every moment. Instead of typing messages, pick up the phone and talk to a live person. Go and see my mother for no reason, just like that. Soak every moment.

17. Pay all your bills and stay out of debt.

18. Jealousy destroys relationships. Trust in its second half. If it does not, then who can be trusted at all?

19. If you have an impossible dream, you still have to at least try to get closer to its implementation. Since the age it will become even more daunting.

20. When you meet someone for the first time, you realize that you know nothing about this man. You see his nationality, gender, age, clothing. Forget all that. You know nothing. Those stereotypes that pop into your head because of the fact that our brains loves all split into categories, limit your life.

Author: Bobby Popovic
Translation and adaptation of the Website
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