20 photos of the soul, warm even in the most severe frosts

They say that picture can tell more than a thousand words. And there are pictures that are impossible to look indifferently. Some of them are forced to smile, the other - a little become sad, and some hurt to the very soul.

We Website have collected for you 20 pictures, full of good and warms the heart.

Sun Ray h3>

Observer h3>

The first cookie h3>

Soft hug h3>

The sea of ​​dandelions h3>

Mother's hands h3>

Best Friends h3>

How Dad h3>

Recognition h3>

The most expensive smile h3>

Warm Hearts h3>

Grandmother caring h3>

Protected h3>

Sweet dreams h3>

furry friend h3>

The Guardian h3>

Grandfather's tales h3>

afternoon nap h3>

Little surprise h3>

With Mom warmer h3>

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