10 movies that prompt the road to happiness

Happiness is different. On our planet there are millions of people, and single answer we do not hear. Someone feels happy only when fun holiday, while others have long learned to find joy amid the harsh everyday life. Of course, we have a lot in common. And most will include in the list of love, friendship, birth of children, personal achievement ... But life is so versatile.

Team Website offers 10 filmov- "guides", the heroes who managed to find his cherished path to happiness.

Way The Way

This film tells the journey a lot. Californian Tom Eyvori fell hardest test - in the French Pyrenees killed his son. The boy died at the beginning of pilgrimages to the famous route "Way of St. James." How to live on? The heart slows down ... But the films hero - a strong man. And he has a goal: to fulfill the dream of his son, pass this way for him. The film will appeal to anyone who likes serious and deep subjects.

In July Im Juli

Agatha Christie said: "Life during the journey - it's a dream in its purest form." What is a teacher of physics, who fell in love with a Turkish dancer? Daniel did not listen to the arguments of reason, and followed his heart. More precisely, I went ... to Istanbul. On the way to it start to happen funny situations, but the hero believes that ring with an ancient Aztec symbol will show the way. This movie certainly will appeal to fans of spontaneous travel.

Life as a House Life as a House

In life, sometimes there are circumstances that allow a person to change something in his life. But sometimes the wait for the mercy of more than just once. 45-year-old architect, George learns that it in the world set aside quite a bit. But he dreamed of so many, believing that there will be a chance. Is it possible in a short time to correct the mistakes of the past? You never know. But he has an idea ... If you have lost faith in the sincerity of the family relationship, this heartfelt movie will convince you otherwise. By the way, the role of "work on our mistakes," Kevin Kline played.

Midnight in Paris Midnight in Paris

Is Woody Allen film to be not moving? Perhaps this is not possible. A true master of cinema always manages to create a world where the ball is ruled by emotions. Romantic writer who dreams to live in secret in 1920, moved to Paris with his fiancee. It seemed that their vacation in such a place have to go perfectly. But then suddenly the Gila dreams come true ... Oh, Paris, how much more to you secrets?

The Fisher King

The Fisher King

Heaven is always the chance to send a person. But sometimes the signs of destiny rather bizarre. One of caustic jokes popular leading Jack, played by Robin Williams, a tragedy. He quits his job and tries to forget with alcohol. Then Perry meets a homeless man, who was once a professor of history. He reveals to Jack a Manhattan, the streets of which towered castles and hurry Affairs medieval knights ... This peerless film can be named "box with a secret." And wonders in it as much as you are willing to receive.

The Hundred-Foot Journey The Hundred-Foot Journey

Passionate Indian spices against French gourmet condiments? Why not! Indian immigrants open cafes with oriental cuisine in Provence. The idea is good, but there's one small problem: on the contrary there is a French restaurant, awarded "Michelin" stars ... There's a lot of words to say about this beautiful soul and movie film, and if short, then you will be delicious. Moreover, in every sense!

Life is a Miracle Život je čudo

Emir Kusturica true to himself. The simple story of his talented treatment turns into a real benefit for the attainment of happiness among the vicissitudes of life. This tragicomedy about Luka dreamer who wants to build a railway tunnel in the Balkans. Many tests promises his life: war, betrayal, disappointment ... But everything happens as if it strengthens the sincere desire for joy.

Rocked The Boat That Rocked

Uncontrolled, carefree and reckless 60th! The real story about DJs British pirate radio station, which broadcasts from a ship at sea. Can you imagine their popularity if in a BBC broadcast while pop music was only 2 hours a week. Are you ready to plunge into the atmosphere of a rock 'n' roll years? Then forward, toward the sea breeze with charismatic characters in the film! By the way, you will hear a lot of other great singles of the era, who are convinced that besides Beatles were still a lot of interesting things.

Short installation Short Cuts

In Los Angeles, the 90 life abounds, and here and locust invasion ... In this ironic and sometimes surreal movie film you will have the opportunity to "peek into the windows" and see how they live more than two dozen characters. By the will of chance circumstances of people fates are intertwined. By the way, one of the characters sang lovely Andie MacDowell. This philosophical film reminds us that in the hectic days people are starting to forget about eternal values. Happiness is so close ... But as they say, -. To each his own

Eddie "The Eagle» Eddie the Eagle

This inspired the film tells the story of that soar above the everyday can not only supermen. The plot is based on real events, and more interesting to observe how clumsy bespectacled Eddie becomes the "Eagle." But if you thought that it becomes a legendary champion, it is not so. First of all it is a film about a man, one of us. And Eddie saw his unusual path to happiness - a ski jump. If you missed the bright emotion, humor and good ... Hugh Jackman, then you should watch this motion picture.

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