Sadness, anxiety and panic live in the lungs

Prevention of anxiety and panic!

In the eastern practices are using the theory of "The Blues" star, which is based on the concept of the Five Elements, their connection with the internal organs and senses that they "live." So in the light "lives" sadness, anxiety, panic.

So Breath as a resource. Good selection:

As our ancestors learned to breathe?

Our ancestors were well aware that the person energy in your body gets not only with food, it also absorbs it through breath and from the air through their skin pores of the body.

The human body feels the effects of air and wind throughout life continuously. When we breathe in an energy in the air - it accumulates in us, as in batteries that absorb electricity. And thus strengthening our physical body and our inner psychic force. Therefore, the cultivation of proper breathing, our ancestors always attached great importance.

Old Slavic healers knew and knew how to use breathing exercises to practice their vrachevalnoy. Here are some of them:

"Full Breath" - distributes the air around the lung volume. Start slowly breathe in air (nose with mouth closed), fixing his mind on the expansion (air-filled) belly first, then his chest. Then make a small pause, equal to half of the time that you spent on inhalation. Then start slowly through your nose and exhale all the air in the same time as that on the breath, gradually dropping (releasing) the stomach, diaphragm and chest. Then a slight pause again, equal to half the time of exhalation. Repeat all over again several times, as long as you do not feel like in your body along with the air flows vital energy, filling your lungs, the diaphragm and the intestines to light tingling.


This exercise is best performed in the supine position and inspiratory - thus, in the light should not remain free (unspent) energy. Lying on your back and relax, begin to do a full breath. Then hold your breath for a breath as possible for a long time, until the itching. After the powerful exhale air through the open mouth. Our ancestors noticed that if respiratory arrest occurs in the human body energy deficit begins during which the disintegration of energy structures introduced by the body from the outside, through which then feeds on the natural human energy system. On this and based therapeutic effect of breath-holding.

"Breath of the whole body»

This exercise involved the whole body, and especially human skin, through which receives the largest number of external energy. The energy of the human body can recruit different areas, so exercise method based on the fact that each breath, mentally directed to a specific area of ​​the body, focusing attention on it is at the moment of inspiration.

"Cleaning breath»

As a rule, this breath and end all wellness treatments based on breathing. On the inhale, perform "full breath", it did not hold a few seconds, and then jerks (jerk) exhale air through the mouth until completely emptying the lungs. This exercise maximum energy structure cleanses your body from foreign or unfavorable contacts.

"Breath, improves memory performance»

Standing with your back flat, bend down his head and slowly start to pull the air nose. Then, lift your head up and your eyes open, hold your breath for 8-10 seconds. Once again, tilt your head, fold the tube lips, and slowly exhale until the end. Exercise should be repeated 4 times (4 inhalation and exhalation 4). Perform this exercise enough 1 times a day for 20 days. Memory is simply beautiful!

"Air Hardening»

Our ancestors always used in full. After all, such an action really stimulate all the body's defenses, treats and prevents diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Air baths are still considered the best wellness and preventive means, and especially the bath, taken at dawn, when the sun pierces the air and ultraviolet light saturates the body with vital energy! "


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