Alarm. The exit is to your right

Anxiety is stopped arousal. The stop-cock that you ripped at full speed.

Remember those moments when you were going to leave. Things is collected, the documents are folded, hotels found, the path is drawn, transplantation is understandable, but the alarm not going off.

The night before the flight goes without sleep and in the morning, despite the desire to seem cool, you really podrabatyvaet.

Why the alarm? Anxiety is the body's response to pent-up arousal.

You thoughts are already on the plane, in a meeting, to the important negotiations, and require a huge effort to hold my body here.

It stopped the excitement is anxiety.

If you feel anxiety, ask yourself – what is “towards” you hold yourself. Where are you not allowed yourself right now? What you want to do, but I stop myself?

At the first glimmer of awareness of the trouble begins to subside, and blocked the excitation is released.

Once you start to do something that raised the energy balance is restored. The alarm goes off and you can move on.


Author: Irina Dubova


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