Mexican made herself a caesarean section without anesthesia and lived

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Caesarean section is done when natural childbirth is too risky. Women always put anesthesia because of cesarean section on his stomach to make huge incision without anesthesia would be incredibly painful.

Ines Ramirez Perez - Mexican farmer from the village. No medical training she does not have. However, she made herself a caesarean section. Miraculously, everything went well: and she, and her newborn son survived.

It happened in March of 2000. The woman had to go through 12:00 continuous pain. She drank three small cups of strong liquor, took a kitchen knife and cut his stomach.

Inez made a 17-inch vertical incision from the navel to the right. For comparison, a standard incision for caesarean section - a horizontal line below the navel is not more than ten centimeters long. For an hour she examined the interior of their own, and finally found her uterus.

She took the boy out of the uterus, cut the umbilical cord, and lost consciousness. After a while she came to, bandaged cut in the uterus clothes and called for help. Ines needed an operation because it hurt his intestines.

When asked why she did this, she replied that she could not endure the pain and decided that if her child was going to die, she would die also. But she was sure that God will save their lives.



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