All of the birth of Angelina Jolie

The most anticipated event of the summer - the birth of twins Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt - was held ahead of schedule, but did not become any less significant. The birth of Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline discussed in every way.

Where was Brad Pitt during the birth as the birth of children took the father of Jolie's what the mood of the young mother, how much to pay a couple of the first photos of kids and said the mayor of Nice - obviously, the next replenishment of the family Jolie-Pitt has many aspects.

When the doctor Michel Sussman helping kids be born (Jolie caesarean section. Shiloh Nouvel was born by Caesarean well), Brad Pitt was near, and she was aware of a woman in labor is clear what is happening. "It was an epidural, so that Angelina was conscious, talking and laughing, - said the doctor. - They were happy ».

Brad Pitt personally helped cut the newborn's umbilical cord. As a joke doctor, actor was actually his assistant.

"He was perfectly calm, collected and very happy that he could be present at the birth of their children. He was very emotional, "- he told Sussman.

According to the doctor, mom and the kids will stay in the hospital under the supervision of physicians for some time. "Kids right. They, along with Mom and Dad, and in good order, "- said the doctor. He said and the reasons for premature birth of Angelina. It is known that the birth of children was expected later. However, caesarean section had to be postponed "for medical reasons" so that the children born in the "best conditions", the newspaper writes Us Weekly.

The newly minted mom has visited one of the closest people to her - brother James Haven. Father of actress Jon Voight also would love to see young grandchildren, but because of not very well-established relationship father and daughter are seen rarely.

"I'm just over the moon! - He said, "the Oscar-winning" father of Angelina. - It's just great. In this world, all that we can only hope - is the health of moms and children. I'm very excited. If I were called today, I would be there ».

No less happy and Mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi. He even before the birth said that future children will become honorary citizens of Nice. After the birth of Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline Mayor also expressed his hope that in the future the twins want to become citizens of France.

On Sunday Estrosi demonstrated to everyone, even the birth certificate of Knox and Vivienne. The exact time of the birth of twins - 18.27 on July 12. Weight boy - 2, 270 kg, and the sister was heavier by 10 grams.

And while Angelina and her newborn children are in the hospital, in the media are already appearing assumptions about the cost of the first shots of twins. They say one of the editions has bought the rights for $ 11 million. If so, then a month or two all the curious will be able to look at the pictures of the fifth and sixth children Jolie and Pitt. Recall, the couple is already receiving raises Maddox, Zahara and Pax, and his daughter Shiloh Nouvel.


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