17 Rules of Parenting From most mothers of large families Hollywood

Angelina Jolie's six children: Maddox Chiva, Pax Thien and Zahara Marley - reception, Shiloh Nouvel, twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline - native. All children stellar families are hyphenated name - Jolie-Pitt. How to raise them one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood?

The ban on internetAktrisa believes that the Internet - is not a source of information and continuous headache. For this reason, Jolie makes children read books (by the way, in their home a wonderful children's library), and the computer they are allowed to spend no more than an hour a day.

TolerantnostDeti Angelina and Brad - of all ages and nationalities, parents try to instill in them tolerance. The actress often takes children on trips, talks about the culture and customs of different countries. And yet - a hard life and poverty, so they are sent not only to entertaining trip to the Maldives and Hawaii, but also in third countries. According to Angie, such journeys teach children to appreciate what they have, and be selfless care for others. In addition, Jolie often show them films about children in poor countries, and read books on the subject.

IndividualnostBolshoe actress pays attention to education of personality in children. Angelina says that the child knows best what it needs, so it is important not to limit his aspirations and not impose their views.

For example, Angie allows your children to choose their own clothes. Many people know that Shiloh, her first biological daughter, dressed in boys' clothes, but the famous parents did not try to correct her style.

General uvlecheniyaAktrisa shares with his eldest son Maddox his hobby - collecting knives. But during shopping trips she did not forget to talk to his son about honor, courage, dignity and courage, and that the need to protect the weak.

Meals trebovaniyuDeti star couple often travel with them in the shooting, because of the journeys of the day regime shifts, so Brad and Angie decided that kids will eat on demand. On health and mental development of a diet has no effect, I'm sure Jolie. Moreover, Angelina advises all parents not to feed the children by force in a strictly set hours and to give them freedom in eating and not suppress their food preferences.

Jolie-Pitt made from a family dinner tradition. They try to gather together at one big table. Traditions unite families and create common interests and, most importantly, help to keep in touch with children.

The right to oshibkuKazhdy people, including a young child, has the right to make mistakes, convinced Angelina. She always repeats his children: not to fear mistakes have to because they are as natural as the achievements. Experienced mother never scold the children for what they dropped the cup, or sparkle, broke some object. "Dropped - lift, broken - for a take away, made a mistake - Fix it" - that such a simple truth in the process of education is guided by Jolie


Brad and Angie will never tear anger on the children - it is easier to get away, relax, and then sit down and talk. This behavior generates in children balance and reasonable attitude to conflicts.

Curiosity and aktivnostVse six children stellar couple studying at home. The couple are trying to develop curiosity and activity in them. "There is no need to withdraw into themselves and afraid of wrong answers, you need to ask and answer interested" - inspires children Jolie

. Do not skimp on uchitelyahAktrisa believe that the teacher - is the main mentors of the child, that shape his outlook and educate generations. Stellar family never traded with private teachers. If you do not appreciate the work that teachers invest in your children, you depreciate your future.

Zone tabuKazhdaya mom wants to know what her child lives: what music to listen to, what sites are visited, which movies watching. Jolie - is no exception. She does not want her children to succumb to the negative influence of the environment, so Angie regularly monitors which Internet resources they visit and even blocks sites which, in her opinion, the negative impact on the child's psyche. Caring mother also does not allow children to watch movies, which demonstrates violence, bloody scenes.

Talk to children the truth "In our house, there are no secrets, we tell the truth:" Mom and Dad went to kiss, "Yes, they cry," Oh, fu ", but we know that it is necessary for their proper growing, then it will help them!" .

Angie and Brad do not hide their relationship and show the children how to behave loving couple. As children learn to love.

The authority roditeleyZvezdnaya couple never quarreled with children. Jolie does not diminish the role of the father in the eyes of children. "I think there is nothing worse than when the parents when children are questioning the correctness of each other. In case of disagreement, we swear so that children are not heard. So when I say Maddox that he would not go on a motorcycle with my dad, and he would never complain to Brad in the hope of lifting the ban. ยป

Visit psihoterapevtaKazhduyu week all the children of the family Jolie-Pitt visit a therapist to help them sort out their problems. And it's usually not discussed.

Share work and otdyhEndzhi teaches that children, based on their own example. There is a time for work and a time to rest. During a family dinner - not a word about the shooting

. The ideal father "This is someone who knows what to do in an emergency, and is able to control himself. Anyone who prefers diplomacy to force. Anyone who knows how to deal with their children, "- said Angelina. According to her, Brad fully fits this description.

Life in lyubviVseh their Jolie-Pitt children to grow in love, protect and provide them with everything necessary. They try to give enough time to each, so that no one felt abandoned and unloved. Angie and Brad want their children grew versatile personalities with strong characters, who will fight for world peace.

Own experience, "Do what you see fit, and do not follow stupid stereotypes in the education of children. This is your family, and here are your rules ", - said Jolie

. And what are the rules of education do you have? Share in the comments, what principles you educate your children. Write about what other stars you would like to know.

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