Jolie photo shoot (2001 - 2011)

Angelina Jolie is not a mystery woman, because she has always lived and live "for show", changing in the eyes of many people from the role to the role. Let's continue our acquaintance with photo sessions Angelina, who will tell us about her external changes over the years better than the rest.

The first part here -

year 2001. Angelina 26 years.

During this period the "predator" Jolie starred in the first part of "Lara Croft" and energetically promoting the film a candid photoshoot. Such unbridled Angelina became a sex symbol for many men, but she kept a faithful Billy Bob Thornton, which in 2000 played a strange and unusual for our understanding of the wedding.

2002. Angelina 27 years.

PHOTOSESSION this year Angelina is almost not there, but for the popular photographer Annie Leibovitz Jolie made an exception. All images - the creation of Annie. Still, in those years, Angelina was just crazy, gorgeous woman, attracting like a magnet.

2003. Angelina 28 years.

Happy coexistence with the man congenial not crowned with success and Angelina still divorced from Billy Bob Thornton, who was not willing to take responsibility for someone else's child (Jolie adopted her first baby - Maddox). Eyes once extinguished, but not for long, because soon he will be Brad Pitt. Wait, Angie, you just wait ...


2004. Angelina 29 years.

Angelina enjoys motherhood and filming new films. This year is considered the peak of his career Jolie because she acted in several great films - "Alexander", "Taking Lives," "The Outer Limits" and even in one or two movies that are less known.

2005. Angelina 30 years.

Smile and playful look back. Angelina starred in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" with Brad Pitt, who is rumored to have refused the role of future blockbuster, but when I learned that there will be Jolie abruptly changed his mind. Well, they were photographed together in this unpretentious boevichkov and everything began to turn-spun Brad left Jennifer Aniston and adopted Maddox and adopt Zahara, appeared in the life of couples in the same year, becoming the most important person in the life of Angie. < br />

2006. Angelina '31.

The light will be a little charmer - my own daughter Jolie and Pitt - Shiloh Nouvel, who was the biological firstborn as an actor, and an actor. Thus children have a couple had four, but they do not want to stop there. Take a look at their sincere smiles.

2007. Angelina '32.

This year was marked by a sharp weight loss Angelina, because she lost her mother Marcheline and stress could not affect her health.

2008. Angelina '33.

The rumors that Angelina Jolie is pregnant crawled with a vengeance when she came to one of the events in black skin-tight dress. Later, the actress has confirmed that she is pregnant and soon came to light adorable twins Vivienne Marcheline and Knox-Leon. This year, the main photographer for Angelina became own favorite. The last black-and-white photographs - his handiwork.

2010. Angelina 35 years.

A beautiful woman who seems to be changed, and the like and not. In any case, the charm does not leave the kilos, so Jolie everything just smiling and charming.

2011. Angelina 36 years.

Photosets this year, almost was not. We are content with what we have. It is a pity that beauty fades, no matter how we would like, but time does not stop. Angelina is aging with dignity, although I would not say that she is getting older, because it is not 50, but only 36. Still ahead and very soon we will see it in the image of Cleopatra in the film, shooting of which is scheduled for later this year.

Finally, I suggest you see an interesting video, which gathered slicing interview Jolie different years. It is so different and diverse that I was actually in a pleasant shock. See for yourself ...


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