Beyonce Makeover

Peruse the full biography of this dark-skinned favorite of the public can not be, because Beyonce - it's just a storehouse of talent and beauty. She manages all: that she is a singer, the actress, the model, the composer, the choreographer ... and just do not remember them. But one thing is clear for sure - it is constantly evolving and improving, we (the audience) can be seen on Beyonce's performances in those films that she cheated with his presence. Hot dances, coupled with incredible vocals give this African American advantage over all the other actresses. It is full of vitality and energy, and even in his 29 years, she shake a leg as God forbid shake a leg of each 20-year-old girl. Beyonce Knowles is not only an actress, but also the wife of the popular rapper Jay-Z, that's only a couple of children yet.

Beyonce very beautiful woman whose face and figure praised by all and sundry. Without plastic case has not done, but we hope that Knowles would not second Lato Jackson. Today we look at her make-up, thanks largely to that Beyonce and looks gorgeous.

1. "Ryzhulya» Beyonce reminds me of the movie about tarakashka Dr. Dolittle. By the way about Dr. Dolittle - Rumor has it that Beyonce can not have children and is now being treated for infertility. I sincerely hope that the earth is full of unreliable hearsay, because Beyonce deserves a simple female happiness. Makeup I do not really like it, although "the taste and color" as they say ...

2. That's how successful she "tweaked" nose! Even without reproach. In general, I fear this trend black celebrities mow under the Europeans - whitening of the skin, reducing the nose, lips and other parts of the body ... brrr ... I do not understand that they do not live safely or what? Very beautiful makeup and hairstyle, and if Beyonce is going to shine, it makes it better.

3. Was amazed when one of the sites found out that Beyonce is bald and hair - this wig! Always envied such a head of hair, but was amazed at how African American women can be such luxurious curls. And not only Beyonce such "false" hair (please note that they are NOT Naroscheny) - More Rihanna, Naomi Campbell and several other famous beauties. Evening make-up in silvery tones and pale pink lip gloss as an addition - very harmonious look together. But I still can not calm down about the hair, imagine a singer without these curls, but simply with a bald head ... Hmm, not a sight for the faint of heart, as Beyonce in a peculiar shape of the skull.

4. The great makeover! She always combed cilia, it seems as if she prichёsyvaet them together with hair.

5. Excellent image. Arrows and lipstick simply chic, but the mole had not emphasize, as appears from no ice. But the main thing still no makeup and earrings, which I have many years in delight. Emerald - what a beautiful color!

6. incredibly well. Beyonce's alter ego - Sasha Firth in person. Like makeup blends perfectly with the skin color of the singer. Krutetskaya "glove" diluted the usual way.

7. No, no, no. Not only make, but the overall appearance is poor, well, the best course ahead.

8. noticed a feature makeup famous girls - often good makeup artists paint only one eye, "scoring" on the second. It turns out that look mows, and the girl has no idea about it. In addition, I want to say that I have nothing against blondes, but mulattos in the guise of a blond look silly and ridiculous.

9. The blue in every post. Blue shade used by all, but I repeat for the umpteenth time - blue goes only to the elect.

10. Shining curly pudelёk :) I like the voice of BBC, so that it comes up at the crown little interest to me. Make-up is good, but he did not adorn Beyonce, and she him.

11. Well with something she needed to start. Cute pigtails give Vidocq. Makeup, fortunately, are not clear (though "stunning" violet shadows visible from a mile away).

12. In this picture clearly shows that the hairs is not their ... As far as Meiko, it just terrifies his "variegated", well and as always the finishing gloss body, loved by many celebrities.

13. Perhaps the image of one of the best. It is seen that a team of professionals headed by mom Beyonce worked on "Hurrah».

14. Darling. In the middle of Hilary Duff (although I doubt that as an example it took it). Only one can be criticized - hair. Similarly, they do not know their own or not, but inclined to think that everything is not, but whatever you need to take care of them in any case.

15. Nice color, but some harmony between hair color (foreground) and make-apom! Charm.

16. A minimum of makeup, but what prepodnesenie a favorite! I love girls who know their value, but not conceited. Natural and gentle make-up is brilliant, just lips look as if just to "increase».

17. Something I'm confused about her hair: they seem to be artificial, the real ... Perhaps you know its not own Ali in her hair. "Dear" image, I like it. Truth never heard that Bi donates money to charity, do in order to buy another expensive dress or diamond earrings? I may be wrong, you have to check.

18. Cross stylist! Makeup in the style divas 40s does not lose relevance. Damn, what have white teeth ... At asterisks bleaching wave or something? :)

19. Lioness ... In his flawless Beyonce could give odds to Jennifer Lopez, only she does not intend to take positions. Lopez subjectively better in many ways.


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