Happy Birthday, Angelina! TOP 7 best film masterpieces with participation of the brightest stars in Hollywood.

Today celebrates the birthday of one of the brightest stars in Hollywood - blinding and unsurpassed Angelina Jolie. The actress has knocked 40, and it is beautiful as ever! This vibrant, busy and colorful life, like hers, can only envy. Angelina Jolie - is not only one of the most beautiful and desirable women in the world, but also a talented actress, a happy husband enviable fiancé Brad Pitt and loving mom of six lovely children, as well as prominent human rights activist and UN goodwill ambassador. During his career, Jolie won the "Oscar", three "Golden Globe" and two awards from the Screen Actors Guild USA. In 2009, 2011 and 2013, according to Forbes magazine, she led the ranking of the highest paid actors in Hollywood.

Film debut of the Hollywood goddess was held in 1982 in the movie "In search of a way." However, it brought worldwide fame game in such blockbusters as "Hackers" (1995), "Girl, Interrupted" (1999) and, of course, "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" (2001). Since then, off we go - thank actresses increased the speed of sound. Now, her name has been on the lips of fans and foes from around the world.

In honor of the great holiday edition of the online magazine Ofigenno.cc has decided to prepare a compilation of the best roles of the actress. This top-7 of the coolest movies with Angelina Jolie irresistible. Those who doubted the abilities of actors Jolie, you should definitely see these masterpieces of the film industry!

«Hackers", 1995

It is in this film star daughter of Jon Voight and Bertrand Marshlen played her first prominent role. Now, with the advent of new computer technologies and huge special effects quite unusual to see such a film, but as if he looked primitive, in the 90s the painting was a real breakthrough. The film shows the free youth of the time, which is fighting for its own space on the World Wide Web. It is one of the first youth thriller with elements of cyber-punk and even drama that touches on environmental issues. The heroine Angelina Jolie - a young independent lady with a boyish haircut, men's locker room and computer skills that can not be compared with professional male computer geeks. But that does not prevent it radiate femininity and beauty, than this kinoobraz uniquely captivating the viewer.

«Girl, Interrupted", 1999

Oh, the "Girl, Interrupted"! For a long time, a very long time in the dark late at night I had to watch this movie, not breathing, not looking away for a second. Then I waited a very long time, when it repeats. Repeat. Again delight, again head is full of thoughts about our existence. Thinking that Jolie plays a supporting role, I did not expect to see anything interesting on her part. But you know, I still believe that the role of one of the best portfolio in the cast of Angelina Jolie. Very bright, a real and extraordinary personality, Fox is not like other heroines who are riding around town, shooting of the male weapon hack system and save the world. She's just crazy. But what! .. It causes a storm of emotions: first, you have to admire her, then she annoys you, then you almost hate her, and at the end of regret. This role reveals talent Angie entirely. While watching "Girl, Interrupted" may have association with the great Ken Kesey's novel "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", but it is only part of the scene. In fact, this picture is very original. It teaches to love and appreciate every moment of his life.

«Lara Croft: Tomb Raider", 2001

Adventure and romance, underlying the plot of the film, fascinate. Special color motion picture attached, of course, the heroine Angelina - inimitable Lara Croft. Rumor has it that the role of Lara Croft herself claimed Nicole Kidman. But as for me, other than Jolie is unlikely anyone would have played it better. Angelina Jolie still fit these roles! It's not a "bang-bang, oh-oh-oh ..." Steep shooting, cars and motorbikes - a stunner! This lively and dynamic blockbusters looks at one go.

«Alexander", 2004

In this film, Angelina Jolie appears to us in an unusual role for himself - as the mother of Alexander the Great. O Lord, how looks damn charming way by Jolie. It Temptress Olympics pushed Alexander to the great feats. In terms of imaging film downright gorgeous. All of these large-scale battles, crazy fights can not pleasing to the eye. Do not look less bright scenes and feasts that go into otvyaznye orgy. The picture can be traced very interesting and profound parallels - streams of blood pouring on the battlefield, and rivers of wine, poured on the feasts. After the film's release it immediately rained criticism from historians and historically savvy audience. I tell all unhappy one - if you want to see a fully reliable historical film, then watch the BBC. "Alexander" is one hundred percent accuracy of does not apply. His aim, as with any multi-million dollar movie - to deliver audience pleasure. And it is up to the task, he consults on all 100.

«Mr. and Mrs. Smith", 2005

This role is for Angelina Jolie and her future husband Brad Pitt stellar became fatal. After painting "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," the phrase "Jolie - Pitt" does not get away from the language of curious onlookers for a long time. In this story we see at first glance, an ordinary couple. Of course, all men and women have secrets from each other, and these characters - no exception. But their little secrets have been very significant. Both heroes are killers - assassins who lead a double life. Before us is exciting and dramatic story is far outstanding heroes. The plot of the movie have fun, not without humor. In this movie, there is everything to the audience enjoyed the show. In general, see for yourself!

«Changeling", 2008

It is believed that the character Christine Collins - one of the strongest roles of Angelina Jolie in recent years. The film tells the story of a real life stories that occurred in the 20s of the last century in Los Angeles. Referring to law enforcement authorities with a statement about the disappearance of a child, the main character soon gets her son, but realizes that, despite the extraordinary physical resemblance, it is not her son. Instead of helping the poor mother gets a residence in the hospital for crazy ... Frankly, to view the "Changeling" I do not see Angelina Jolie as a serious dramatic actress, able to pull such a serious role. And what I discovered for myself? I got a sea of ​​feelings and emotions. Crying it - and I'm crying. She is happy - the heart stops and I have. Bravo! In this film has it all: here you and human cruelty, and, conversely, a willingness to come together and come to the aid for a higher purpose, and hope, hope, hope.

«Maleficent", 2014

Have not news that all and sundry try to rethink the good old tales of Disney princesses and make them something of such things. And it turns and "Sleeping Beauty"! Well, from here the beautiful little left ... This is most likely story is beautiful villain played by the inimitable Jolie (that the word can be described the whole movie - "Jolie"). Actress overshadows absolutely everyone on the stage floor. It is capable of one of its eyes turn the head of anyone. In this picture it has no equal! What can I say, the on-screen duo Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning was a success. "Maleficent" - a dark tale in the spirit of Tim Burton, but there are both light and light is enough. Like any fairy tale, the story of Maleficent is instructive. She says that in the world there is good and evil, greed and vanity that sometimes people are killed in the most pure feelings and lead to madness and obsession.

I think you saw that, except cute little face, Angelina Jolie still has immense talent. Her diverse film roles proof. Team Ofigenno.cc wants to wonderful actress love, health, inspiration and strength to conquer new heights on Everest show business. Sin is not to share this post on such a great day!

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