Behind every great man is his wife: the woman affects the success of her husband.

Once Barack Obama and his wife Michelle were having dinner in the restaurant, which, incidentally, was not much prestige. When the pair sat down at the table, a restaurant owner politely asked the guard Obama, whether he has the right to apply to the first lady of the country in private. The man was not denied his wish, and the conversation did take place. Obama can not wait, and asked his wife, Michelle, "Why was he so interested in this conversation with you?" Michel said that once upon a time he was in love with her. Obama joked: "You see, if you marry him, now would be the owner of this restaurant!" Michel, a little thought, replied: "No, if I married him, he would become president┬╗.

about the impact that a wife is her husband's written a lot. And though most of the men spit, they say, it's not true, and another "duck", invented by feminists, experience shows something quite different.

This theorem is easy to prove the facts of life. If your wife enjoys the relationship and happy marriage, even many years later, this positive energy is transferred and her husband. Psychologists explain this by saying that the power of creative thinking developed far more women than men. In this case, the flow of positive energy all the doors open to the spouse, he begins to have good luck, and luck, he feels confident, even omnipotent.

And, alas, everything is exactly the opposite, if the wife is unhappy in marriage if her husband was depressing, frustrating, it does not meet certain requests, it is not paying attention to her. Then the woman turns into a continuous stream of destructive power. In such circumstances, the husband is very hard to achieve success and luck favors, and tend to make him go upside down. So if you see a successful man, look at that woman, that was all these years together. It inspires, inspires and gives hope and an incentive. Then look at a man who always grumbling, dissatisfied with life, hands down, is constantly whines and blames others. Probably his wife also unhappy and sucked into the whirlpool of pessimism and her man.

That's why the wise husband treats his wife with respect, do not forget to pay attention to her, to make gifts (we are not talking about diamonds, fur coats, car-ticket), seeking to shield her from the bad environment, bad work. After all, a woman satisfied - a source of happiness and success of the entire family.

Finally one more suggestive example. At the end of the nineteenth century, a mechanic working for 11 dollars a week, 10 hours a day, he decided to invent a new type of engine. All laughed at the crazy, night tinkering on something in the shed so many years, all twirled his index finger to his temple, looking at him. All except his wife, who believed in her husband and used to a few hours at night kept him on a kerosene lamp. It took many years, and suddenly the street was a noise in the village: the road went mad with his little wife without a horse in one cart! Eccentric, it turns out, was the name of Henry Ford. When a reporter once asked him what he wanted to be in another life, Ford snapped: "Who do you want. Just to close was my wife ┬╗.

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