Behind every great man...

Oh, the idea of the great women behind every great man, how many relationships ruined.

And not because it does not correspond to reality, here again everything is fine — great, near great, and because women often decide that the husband is downright necessary to be great, and start trying to implement it isn't through working on your own greatness and the subsequent inspiration of men, and in all sorts of tinkering and periopeative.

However, men, too, many of them goddesses Yes Queens bring, and do so "what is," "take me with all the pluses and minuses".

Don't know, my friends don't know. Is not it easier for everyone to deal with them, than "to put" life on trying to change a loved one, besides, if he has no strength nor the desire to change?

I still think that her potential for greatness are not at all. Why take green and struggling to make it in square if life is likely to end much earlier than you learn to be happy in all this crazy and irrational action?

In the modern world the concept of greatness is too strongly associated with external achievements and financial side of life. That is, when women are thinking about how your man as soon as possible "to make" great, they usually come up with ideas about creating conditions for maximum realization of its potential, and that we need to come up with a algorithm regularly repeated actions, after which the "lazy rascal" stand up from the couch and go earn big money. Because great men should be a good car, country house, Golf and other attributes of successful and sort of held life. Yeah.

It seems to me that true greatness begins with a search of meaning, with the implementation of what came in this world and seek the best ways of expressing ourselves, and without deep introspection and work on yourself to achieve this almost impossible (except in those cases when the person from childhood strongly manifested tendency to any kind of activity). Tell me, is it possible to do for someone the inner workings? In my opinion, no.

I do not believe that the partners are very different from ourselves. Did not cross to direct our lives, if lived in parallel realities, and so crossed and in a couple/family was together, therefore no wonder, just look in the mirror and your partner to see is not always desirable. If you carefully observe, you will notice that the timing was incredible! Psychological trauma to psychological trauma, character to character, the potential to attract potential.

The greatness of the Union cannot be seen only because individually, little progress has been made with ourselves. Can never keep together those who are at different levels of development, except that if you do it consciously Yes, willingly his. And in conflicts and militant way with each other, but tending to different heights, no special meaning, the lives of these almost immediately and throws, but if not divorce, that means a couple while what is supposed to go in one direction, for perfectly complement each other. It is important not to swear at the partner, and to understand what you want from him and why you want that from him? You clung to it?

Millionaire husband decided to "do"? And does he even want to? It's in his dreams are all of these businesses, cars, and large expensive homes, or in yours? And if in your own, whether you are the woman I want to achieve this? But if you are one for which you want to cross the sea-oceany, to conquer the mountain to find the treasure yeah palaces to build, why a man should devote his own life to realize your dreams?

You this situation try and think it is normal if the situation turns out, if someone comes to you and says, "you Know, dedicate-ka for my purposes, their 20-30 years of life, not a pity to you for me? I love plants, all life dreamed to collect herbarium tremendous from all over the world, come on you young while you do it? Children, home, social relations — is not so important for women, you imagine how you yourself will be proud to have gathered such a large herbarium for 20 years." You have a resonance to such a proposal? Someone can be and are because passionate about this topic, but most of us resonance does not arise, because we are interested in other areas of life, not plants. And I think that husbands do have the right to decide what to devote my own life, another thing is that most people somehow start to figure out all these issues only after deeply gone into relationships, had children, gained joint loans, etc.

Where do such delusions of grandeur? I mean, why the idea about the greatness beckons so? Perhaps women feel that next to the great man to live easily, and do not seek to follow it, but it is in vain. And especially do not need to think that when there are two strong, interesting and talented person, then right here are now all happy and light.

When in the life of every woman comes a very strong man , first, it is usually passionate, and this will have to be reconciled. And not only that, to put up, and genuinely interested in, support him in all endeavors and at least a little bit interested in his subject to understand, otherwise it will turn out that the higher achievements in his business, the less you have to talk about, because his head is constantly spinning with all these brilliant ideas, and you in the kitchen the soup simmer. And maybe it's wonderful, the support of such men in the rear, home and lifestyle, but still in the family, people spend a lot of time, and if a loved one cannot talk about what fascinates the most, then gradually wakes up interest in those people who share your views.

Secondly, you need to understand that life with a bright, talented and obsessed with a big idea person has its own specifics. This is often unusual schedules, training plans, travel, meetings and continuous improvement of the quality and standard of living, and this means that you will have to adapt beneath all of this. And here again, we can say that man is passionate, a great man, admire him, but I can't do that, and then after some time realize that you are far behind the pace that gained your a great man.

And Yes, it is possible millions of times to accuse those who ran forward, too dispersed, and could slow down, close to not feel uncomfortable, but I ask you to think about - if a person has large aspirations, he cannot and does not want to stop, do the right we hang a stone around his neck?

Before you push your partner to maximize your potential, ask yourself first — and if I'm ready to be one that fits? If a man "sprints" really, it is a very high rate. And you could beat him in the development of up to 20-30 years, but then you have to pause (and highly significant) for the birth and upbringing of children, and he may well continue on my way. And if the relationship role is not built if it is not really appreciated, then it may be that it is difficult for you now with such an incredibly advanced and obsessed with the idea of saving the world (or something) person.

And thirdly, when the two paired and mind, talents, and strength quite a lot, you will need some time to dock pictures of the world, forming strategies for joint development and life and so much more, because his business life is enhanced your business life, then the children, communication with loved ones, work, leisure, etc., in Short, have no time to stand great woman behind her great man, sit also not very good, the pace need a higher.

The woman who follows, Great! we have to assume a large enough part of the process because a highly effective team involves the coordinated work of all its members, and this requires high concentration of attention and a lot of effort. So think, ladies, think well over all these issues.

You know, every Princess is the Prince, but not recognize, for enchanted! Sometimes, I look at the potential of the Prince and think, "is this really Prince? With a mind more like a fat and lazy pig? And that one over there, a little clumsy bear, also a Prince? Can't be! And this very tired and shabby life of a cat lying by the fence, also enchanted, is...".


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Yeah, all under the enchantment, my dear Princess! All potentially great, but to unlock the potential that only those who possess the power of magic, therefore, is to evaluate really, is she available or not.

Well on the strength of this and given the princes of each. Who Prince magician who the cat who the Bunny who the horse is and who the dragon is. Dragon so dragon. Take! published


Author: Dean Richards


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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