Relationship with a strong man: it is necessary to You?

"I want a strong man! To feel like a stone wall. Around so many men, but they are weak. And I need strong! Where to find this?»

Many women want to see next to a strong man. And sad sigh, because if there is a man, then he is not up to the role a strong.

Start Hiking on courses on how to attract men how to be weak next to a strong and so on.

I, as a fan to dig into, I decided to look into the root of the desire to be with a strong man.

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In principle, there's nothing extreme. Nature has it that the female chooses the strongest male to give birth to good offspring.

But that's the nature of animals. And people have much more complicated.

As a rule, a woman who wants to be with a strong man, dreams that he tamed her, showed his strength, dominated, showed that he's in charge. And she finally accepts his power and will humbly submit to the authority of a strong male.

If you remove the veil of romance, in fact the situation looks so. Relationships in the taming of the shrew similar to a Boxing ring. Each pair occupies a corner in the ring and on the command "Fight" comes to the centre to fight the opponent. The punches, the brutality, the battle until someone runs away or falls. Then partners again diverge at the corners, gain strength and begin to fight again.

Separately focus on the fact that when a man so that's not a very pleasant way receives power over a woman and proves that he is strong, a woman is not tihomirovy. It is not subject to and does not accept because of their partner. She begins a fierce battle for power. She needs to "make" the opponent, even if it is her beloved man. And she will fight this battle until "make" it. And this can continue indefinitely. Because the offended man will try to take revenge and to return power to themselves. And when this happen, the woman will try to get the power back. Feel how the vicious circle turns out?

And that's called a relationship with a strong man.

Woman looking for a strong opponent with which she can fight to the fullest.

Therefore, the weak are not suitable. Under weak usually refers to those who do not like to fight, and to fight. Or those who immediately give up, because you can't or don't want to fight with his partner.

The essence of these relations is not so much to defeat the partner, and to fight. Being in the fight – it is the goal of such a relationship. Well, winning is nice, too. Even if it comes at the expense of humiliation of the dignity of another person. It's the little things that are in such a relationship do not pay attention.

Woman seeking a strong man can only be in one form of the relations in the fight. And what would she say to her impossible other relationships – caring, support, closeness, and so on. They seem to be boring and bland.

Generally, if surrounded by women there are men who by nature do not want her to fight, she sees them as "not men". Believes that they are not good enough for her. And continues to look strong.

The struggle for power is ongoing. And every day in such a relationship – it's like another round in the Boxing ring.

If winner is male, the woman becomes a victim. She bends, submits, accepts the authority of the partner over the other and completely given into the possession of the man, losing the ability to manage your life.

Under this option, a woman can appear to lose its appeal, to gain weight, to stop watching him as she did once. Sometimes there is a craving for alcohol. She feels unhappy. While all the rest will be played on the movie "we Have a happy family." She feels like a hostage situation without the ability to support. Loneliness, isolation, life on schedule. The inability to live a full life, to pursue their goals and dreams. And then the woman realizes goals and dreams that dictate it to others. For example, have children, buy cars and apartments in the mortgage, to do what we need to do. Sometimes it will happen failures, and will again battle in the struggle for power. After this battle the woman either returned to their usual role or changing roles with a man.

If the woman wins, the victim becomes a man. He bends, conforms, and gives himself to the woman. And then the woman controls his life. Takes decisions for him. Man becomes a weak, defeated. The woman refers to him contemptuously, believing that he is unable to cope with life and problems himself.

She with some irritation, but still solves his problem. She is the Central figure in the family. And she's talking about it, complaining that she got is not the best option men weak. But there's a real man – strong and courageous…

What can happen to a man? Alcohol, failure in career, other women, gambling (or computer), so any ways to escape from reality. The one where he, a grown man turned into a helpless infant in the hands of its women.

Sometimes it can take off. It is especially painful to see him with another if the relationship he is seeking success, money, recognition. If he's not a wimp, but a normal man with ambitions.

It is against this background especially feel the inconsistency.

In many cases, women continue to battle with the man, even if the relationship no longer exists. "Once he sees me, beautiful and awesome, and realize THAT he lost!"says a woman continuing to fight the man, but after a breakup it's been a long time.

In this eternal battle is no room for anything normal. Here only the pain, the hurt, the loneliness, the frustration, loss of strength and energy.

Unfortunately, out of battle is not so easy. This is a vital scenario. And so far the only possible for women. Other she doesn't know.

In fact she is struggling not only with a man. She fights with everyone. It divides the world into strong and weak. And to be weak is unacceptable for her. She doesn't know how to ask for help and support and always rely only on themselves.

She has the illusion that a successful person is strong. One that has a lot of power and control the others, even through the struggle, violence. This is not so important.

And somewhere inside she dreams about this man. And that is what she means when she says she wants a strong man.

Actually it's just a script from her childhood. When she was little, weak and helpless. And unconsciously she again wants to feel small and weak next to strong.

But the paradox is that to be weak she can not, otherwise the world will destroy her.

A woman wants to ensure that it is not available. And it breaks with this duality: on the one hand, you want to be with a strong partner weak girl; in the other hand, can not be weak, it's dangerous.

And here is the inner struggle of two opposites, it weakens the most.

So women, living all his life in the struggle, lose their beauty, health and other amenities of life.

Against this background, an innocent desire to be with a strong man doesn't look so innocent. In fact it is very destructive life pattern.

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Author Diana Tsarbaeva


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