Oak or birch? Insanely truthful horoscope of the Druids, who will reveal all the cards in front of you.

If you're tired of the usual horoscopes, or simply do not believe in horoscopes by astrologers, amateurs, the team Ofigenno.cc has prepared for you today an excellent alternative - Horoscope of Druids. I think that thanks to the many films and motion picture is a word familiar to you. When did you first meet him, we dare to explain briefly: Druids - the priests of this cult nature of the Celts. They firmly believed that man was created from the higher powers ... the tree. Since everyone is different, it means that they are created from different trees, which, incidentally, also have a soul! Year druids were divided into several periods, each of which is patronized a particular plant-sign. Notice that these signs had two period. They also counted the days of summer and winter solstices sacred holidays. So, see what you tree by date of birth and read the response. This is not hackneyed phrases about the Taurus, Virgo, Sagittarius, and something new and more accurate. And, of course, where do without humor.

December 23 - December 31; June 25 - July 4
A typical apple tree - a philosophical outlook on life, altruistic behavior, the accumulation of generosity, kindness and patience. Unfortunately, the other very much enjoy it, having no shame or conscience. But apples, apparently, it does not bother: let him enjoy the rejuvenating apples, just to the detriment not matter. It is worth mentioning that Apple trees - wonderful parents, perhaps because of the people and there was a well-known expression about where to drop their fruit.

01 January - 11 January; July 5 - July 14
"In winter and summer - one color," - just the same on the beauty-fur-tree. It should be noted that these people will not be evergreen and sprayed waste your time on trifles, setting a short-term goals. Invent something great, open a new planet to receive the award, and even change the world for the better - and why not, as they say, walk so to walk! Moreover, when you reach that goal Spruce endure everything: loud kids dancing in the dance, "Blue Light", the Soviet red star on top and even 327 minutes watching "Irony of Fate" with jellied fish. It's nothing you need to think globally!

January 12 - January 24; July 15 - July 25
Elm - a loyal friend, ready to help at any time of the day and night, turning a blind eye to their own discomfort, lack of time and even money. The only problem is: to win the trust Elm is not so simple: this tree is quite high demands on the potential mate. But those who pass the test on this well and will gain a strong footing for life: for a good friend elm no pity!

January 25 - February 3; July 26 - August 4
Cypress - a slender, strong handsome man with just the right features, which seems to have been created to annoy others with its perfection. With his charm and charisma of these people could easily have achieved a lot, but in reality it looks like in the joke: "I could conquer the world, but I'm in my pajamas ..." A perfect day in the understanding of Cypress: sun, sea, surf, light music, no worries, and at 15:15 lunch is scheduled with Plato. And there is a conquest of the galaxy, leave ...

February 4 - February 8; August 5 - August 13
Poplars are usually those more melancholic and pessimistic. Think about it: Once on the street open season "Poplar fluff, heat, July (a month, I would have bet)," all start to sneeze and cough, suffering from allergies. Despite this, Poplar everything just continues to stand proud and give shade and, most importantly, oxygen even small potatoes, that his curse. By the way, many of them followers of Hippocrates, which acts the same principle: yes, not all people are good, but somebody has to be treated and villains.

09 February - 18 February; August 14 - August 23
"Quietly to himself, I'm talking" - it's just about the cedar that was never embarrassed by himself. The society is good, but one is better - the golden rule for the evergreen cedar. Apparently, the harsh conditions of the taiga tempered these trees is not a joke, and so that the cedar can easily go to nirvana.

February 19 - February 28/29; August 24 - September 2
"Do not hang up his nose, cadets" - invented, probably never to lose heart pines that any obstacle see the challenge disturbing their blood. Well, do not lose heart pine, this is not their prerogative. Who should be there to fight with windmills? To kill the monster? Let it to me, but as soon as possible. These people can be in the fire and into the water, and even copper tubes: all suffer!

March 1 - March 10; 03 September - 12 September
Willow - the honored artist of theater and cinema: it can play any role if the see through what you need from it. And she will understand, believe me, after seeing all through, as the X-ray machine. It would seem that with such supernormal at Willow there should be no problems with the outside world, but not a bit of it: too much these "mourn" the trees are prone to amorous torment and suffering. If there is suffering for a long time for Willow is not a problem: she invented them and will be sad, pointedly omitting their long branches above the water.

March 11 - March 20; September 13 - September 22
We reason with the word of Lipa there are not always good associations, but in ancient times, the Slavs and Scandinavians worshiped the tree as a symbol of beauty and love. This is, perhaps, explains everything. Linden have excellent organizational skills, and, moreover, able to use his charm. Lipa can create comfort anywhere: even the tent can replace the native home.

March 22 - March 31; September 24 - October 3
Argue with larch useless - do not even try. Of these people make excellent writers, capable of affecting the thought of millions. Moreover, they can even organize a sect, if they want to. You have an eye not morgnesh how to join it, selling an apartment, the two kidneys, and signed a contract with the devil. Sounds, of course, fun, but to you then do not say we did not warn you.

1 April - 10 April; October 4 - October 13
Take me into the circle of needlework on the choir, the dance, and I still, I cross embroider, knit, sew and take pictures ... Rowan scarlet going to be always and everywhere, because in life you need to take everything. And do not worry, with the result that she did not have time: all the deadlines have long burned, and it is not at affairs. Sweating on this? It is not for Rowan, she got away with it, but see what a beautiful necklace!

April 11 - April 20; October 14 - October 23
Green maple, curly maple yes, yes kinky times, carved to do something only when you call up him out, telling him not to do anything. The spirit of contradiction - is the inner essence of all maples. Everything else, this sign has an unrivaled sense of humor, which only envy. So if in the dead of night and suddenly you hear a knock on the window - no drift, this maple tree branches knocking the window is pinned.

April 21 - April 30; October 24 - November 2
Nut bread do not feed, and let someone else to command. Very much loves this character to command and rule over others, suppress the will of others. The only salvation - Nuts in place can not sit still, so he's always on the move. Well, still, in their lands he had conquered all, but somewhere there are still people with the freedom to choose, ah-ah-ah. Laugh laugh, but you know there are only Oreja choose between real and made-up collar.

1 May - 14 May; November 3 - November 11
View this beautiful shrub with excellent fragrant white flowers hide the fact that the main feature of the character of Jasmine - ambition and determination. That is, the obstacles on the way to the goal at the Jasmine or not at all, or not for their total extermination. So life with Jasmin - not for those who are born shit, and for a strong spirit, but for this they receive a good reward - a paradise on earth worth it.

15 May - 24 May; November 12 - November 21
Tact, diplomacy, compromise - for the poor. Since someone in the presence of Chestnut behaves like a bull, he will not stand on ceremony and pick up phrases as well as declare publicly: "You're a bull." Moreover, Chestnut scent like a dog - they calculated insincerity in two accounts, and then write-gone. That's why many hate Chestnut, but their loved ones know - he is truthful and honest with everyone, because if you like and friendly, it is also 100% sincere.

May 25 - June 3; November 22 - December 1
We all remember that it began with the tree survey of where the favorite to all of us to a certain song. The wording of the question was originally incorrect. For at least some information had come about with the text "Dear ash. You simply amazing on you for a million. By the way, you have not seen my beloved? "Here it is not about commercialism and reciprocity. Ash will repay the same coin - you to him kindly and he to you the same way. If you come and put questions to the forehead, and he will continue to swing mysteriously leaves. Oh, they are, these Ash.

June 4 - June 13; December 2 - December 11
Anyone who will take people to work, we advise to pay attention to these dates. Grab - as the executive personality, that he was not afraid of any tasks. This is especially well seen in the texts, design, advertising, trade, generally those where the classic case - I'm a customer, I see. He can do everything, even the impossible, because he is an expert.

June 14 - June 23; December 12 - December 20
Like Cypress, at first glance it looks absolutely flawless figs because makes nervously creak teeth. Incidentally, Inzhir no concept of "golden mean", he would often go to extremes. Maybe it's because many of them are either an angel or a last scoundrels, of which never saw light. The difficulty is that you do not get to the core at a glance to what extremes it wanted to join this time Fig.

March 21 (vernal equinox)
Just one day of the year, but these are the people who can do anything, everything can, they just have to deal with and generally relax. If you Oak, he still organizes itself, do not interrupt him. If fate has brought you to the oak, you should always keep an eye on: they do not like the tediousness. You run the risk of simply being buried in the far woods without graves.

June 24 (summer solstice)
This cute little tree can be restrained and delicate. Birch sometimes already sickeningly polite and helpful. But what she can not stand, it's banality and vulgarity: it does not fit into the brink of its subtle nature. The strength of her ingenuity and intelligence has no limits.

September 23 (autumnal equinox)
It is known to be a favorite of Athena, and she kponyatnoe thing that got chooses. People born at this day so lucky that the others think: they just caught God by the beard, or bird of happiness. Well, maybe, Athena still does not throw her.

December 21 (winter solstice)
Beech - the plant is strong, stable and unshakable. He still clearly, smoothly and evenly. However, try to touch what belongs to Buka, and it turned into a bull, so much so that my mother did not worry. But if you really bring it, and he is the soul of the company. Sometimes there had seizures and generosity.

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