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Being a mother is a great joy, but at the same time, hard work, includes a lot of responsibilities and requires a lot of effort for their implementation.

That is why decided to tell you about the three truths of cesarean delivery, truly known only to those women who survived and proud to wear on his body "the marks of happiness."

1. They bravely decide to subject yourself to surgical intervention is Possible, some think that a cesarean is a normal medical procedure. In fact, this is a serious surgery where the risk to both mother and child.

In addition, neither father nor other family members cannot be present during childbirth. Thus, the expectant mother remains one, without the ability to obtain moral support and full of uncertainty.

This is a Prime example of how fear and loneliness are struggling with unconditional love and an overwhelming desire to be a mother of a beautiful child.

2. They don't know if everything was okay, until then, until you leave the operating room With the birth of a child, the risk does not end there. As in any surgery, doctors did not immediately determine the success of the surgery, until then, until after the anesthesia.

In addition, there is something many do not know. During caesarean section the expectant mother is conscious and feels no pain, but she feels all the movements that occur within it. But this feeling is nothing compared to what priceless reward they get in return.

3. They truly heroically go through the recovery process When a baby is born, the mother's world revolves around him and it must unconditionally meet all his demands. But it needs a lot of effort and patience. And imagine doing it all with the pain. Yes, pain and discomfort, which are an integral part of the recovery process after surgery.

However, they crossed this threshold of pain and develop an inner strength, which can be compared only with the power of another mother. And no matter how hard it is, they're still going at it with a smile and love.

Instead of sleepless nights and endless diapers they have a priceless opportunity to see the smile of your baby, feel his breathing, to keep little hands and inhale this with nothing comparable to the wonderful smell of a newborn. And this is the main reason they are in this world, and that's what makes them truly happy.

We applaud every mother, but those mothers who went through caesarean section and proudly wears on his body the "marks of happiness", especially. Remember that these scars allow us to never forget what you went through. Therefore, dear mother, beautiful wear these labels with pride. Don't hide them and disguise, because not every woman is capable of.

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