Tell the truth.

Most people hide the truth, because they are afraid of the consequences, or do not want to make someone sick. But when we hide the truth, we lose the ability to look at things realistically. The truth is better than a beautiful lie. Truth allows us to see events in the truth and not in a good, imaginary perspective. To keep the truth a secret, it is necessary to spend energy.

Nikolai Latansky, an outstanding coach and coach of Success brings this comparison: "It's like a ball that you're trying to keep the water that always requires extra effort. Every time you speak the truth or hiding something, you create in your subconscious "ball", which constantly need to keep. When you tell the truth, you free up your energy and frees from everything that used to take her from you. Now you can use it for more important things, and move confidently through life. You can no longer look back and not to worry, he knows someone is truth or not. " You no more hiding, you become transparent, becomes himself.

Here is a quote from the book by Jim Loher "Life on full power!" "Like anesthesia, avoiding the truth blocks the pain, but it disconnects us from active communication with the world. And besides: the rejection of truth and delusion in themselves require energy, which you could spend on more productive activities ".

Learn to always tell the truth - it is one of the most important habits of successful people. When you think, at what point to tell the truth, you know - that time has come. Perhaps it is true that you have had an awkward relationship; perhaps the truth is that you are fired from their jobs; The truth may be that your family this year will not have to go to rest; you do not have time to perform in the order in time, or all of your money aside for a rainy day, burned for unsuccessful investments.

Avoiding the truth always leads to unpleasant consequences. The longer you hide it, the worse you are doing yourself a favor, and all to whom it pertains. True gives you the unity with the surrounding world, and is inextricably linked to ponyatiemi freedom and justice. For this sense of unity you have to let your mind go beyond your ego.

Doctors have established that when people speak the truth, they begin to feel much better energy, are exempt from headaches, depression passes, you begin to realize how beautiful life. When you tell the truth, you become younger and more energetic, increases immunity, a person may even lose weight when starting to speak the truth.

To tell the truth - to be free.

Max Lüscher, the Swiss psychologist accurately say on the subject: "A person with inner freedom, can safely ignore a phone call, if you do not want to be disturbed. Do not hide your feelings and intentions. Free man simply says, "I do not want", and does not pretend that he has no time. He is not afraid of losing popularity, it does not seek to win the love ».

Start right now to release your "balls" to get extra energy, feel a free man, easily and confidently build a life of your dreams!

Sergei Bernov


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