Unknown facts from the life of famous writers! The madness and genius - are two sides of the same coin?

In literary criticism broke out a lot of discussion about whether to get into the personal lives of authoritative writers, looking about him scandalous facts. Do I need to close our eyes to the dirty spots in your life grand? How not cool, and the biography personal life and creativity - these are the main facets of the creative personality, which are closely intertwined, and proceed one from another. In order to understand the personality of the writer, it is important not to separate one from the other, but it is understood that we are all living mortals and we all make mistakes. This is the most interesting and little-known facts about the 10 world classics.

Oscar Wilde

- Rumor has it that Oscar Wilde led a dissolute life, and was prone to izvraschenstvo. Once he even went to jail on charges of sodomy.

 - At the same time he graduated in 1878 with honors from the University of Oxford, and there received the prestigious Nyudigeyt for the poem "Ravenna».

 - Wilde most cruelly criticized the work of Charles Dickens and otherwise mocked him.

 - In his declining years Oscar Wilde, for unknown reasons signed Sebastian Melmoth.

William Shakespeare

 - Until now, there are discussions about whether there was any William Shakespeare, who owns a lot of different genres of immortal literary works.

 - Shakespeare was born and died on April 23.

 - There are suggestions that William Shakespeare was fond of poaching. He often without the permission of hunting game in the possession of Sir Thomas Lucy.

 - In honor of the great William Shakespeare named a crater on Mercury.

Charles Dickens

 - Charles Dickens believed that things will develop in the best way, if you're going to do them, looking north. He had a habit of sleeping head to the north. While writing his greatest works, he also sat head north.

 - For the writer may have noticed a very strange hobby - he occasionally liked to drop in to the morgue, where unidentified bodies parading exposed.

 - He could even be a great hypnotist, because it had great passion for hypnosis.

Lewis Carroll

 - According to the stories of Lewis Carroll's closest personal diaries constantly he regretted some great sin, but, unfortunately, all the records were destroyed native writer.

 - He was not only a writer but also a great inventor. Carroll created an electric pen, tricycle and a mnemonic system for remembering names and dates.

 - The writer was very sickly man: he was suffering from cystitis, swamp fever, insomnia, pleurisy, rheumatism, boils and other things. This is not the entire list! Moreover, he constantly complained of severe headaches.


 - It's no secret that the great Sir George Gordon Byron suffered from manic-depressive psychosis.

 - He was a real Casanova. His romance novels, you can write the whole epic novels. He even created a collection of strands of hair, pubic cut mistresses.

 - It turns out that Byron was lame and prone to be overweight. But that did not stop him popular with women!

Agatha Christie

 - Brian Aldiss, a close friend of Agatha Christie spoke about her methods used at the time of writing detective stories - «she was finishing the book until the last chapter, and then choose the most unlikely of suspects and, returning to the top, alter some points to substitute it" . i>

 - In the writer was a rare disease - dysgraphia. That is, she could not write by hand, so almost all of her works were written under dictation.

 - For a while, during the First World War, Agatha Christie and even worked as a pharmacist, a nurse in a military hospital. This knowledge played her hand at writing a detective.

Franz Kafka

 - Lifetime Kafka was filled with absurdity and irony! He was the grandson of the butcher, and at the same time, a strict vegetarian.

 - All unfinished novels of Franz Kafka. Throughout his life he published only a few works. All manuscripts of Kafka bequeathed to destroy his friend Max Brod immediately after his death. Fortunately, Max Brod did not realize the last will of the writer.

 - Kafka worked as a clerk in the usual, that is, today's performance was a typical office worker.

Anton Chekhov

 - Creativity for Anton Chekhov has always been something special. He did, when he sat down to write another masterpiece, put on their best ceremonial dress.

 - Anton Pavlovich showed special love for the brothels. It was the place where he was going first thing each time, when he came to a strange city.

 - Do not believe it, but the great writer was left for next year in the 3rd class for being behind in the literature.

 - Chekhov had a friendly relationship with the famous composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and even dedicated his collection of short stories "Gloomy people».

Ernest Hemingway

 - Ernest Hemingway terribly afraid of public speaking, but by the will of the debt he often had to speak in front of a large audience.

 - Hemingway suffered from paranoid psychosis, believing that the FBI watching him, and eventually the writer committed suicide.

 - Hemingway was fortunate to survive during the war, the four road and two air disasters.

 - Declassified documents confirmed that the writer did the FBI conducted surveillance.

Arthur Conan Doyle

 - Arthur Conan Doyle was an ardent occultist.

 - The writer had a strained relationship with the great playwright Bernard Shaw, who once called Sherlock Holmes, "a drug addict, not having a single pleasant quality».

 - Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes stories have described many of the methods of criminology, which were virtually unknown police. Subsequently, the police became widely used methods of the famous Sherlock Holmes.

Ways creative person mysterious and often incomprehensible to us ... These people are in constant search of inspiration. You did not know these writers with such party. Tell us about the unknown aspects of the world-famous personalities to your friends.

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