One spark - and the whole family would die ... It's hard to believe in the heroic feat of the dog!

German shepherd named Buddy has made a truly heroic act. This dog appeared out of nowhere in the way of a patrol car. Barking like crazy, Buddy called for help. The police did not have a clue what was going on, but followed the dog. What appears before their eyes a few moments later, they could not imagine.

Fortunately, help came just in time. Thanks to a quick and clever actions Buddy managed to prevent the worst.

The heroic feat of the faithful pet deserves the highest praise. As a reward, he received a bowl of delicious bone and the new leash. The best gift, of course, had to be with his family.

Animals - both wild and domestic - feel threatened in a special way. And if life is at stake people close to them, they will go to do anything to save them.

You're convinced that our pets - the best and most loyal friends? Tell your friends - they gasp in admiration!


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