"Before" and "after" - revolutionary themes

< Vitoria Slavskaya
Prior to the beginning of the revolution we did not think too much, the role played by what we communicate in social networks. Many post kitties, sovushek and species of the universe. But ... at its very beginning it was a shame, because Undiagnosed citizenship immediately ranked among the betrayal. The neutral position is also equal to negative.
Euromaidan eventually grew from "for Europe" - to the "anti-violence". In social networks viewed vsenarostayuschaya cohesion. Vadim "Romania" Titushky also played a role, combining many. Versus. "Titushky" became a national phenomenon that is like a mirror of society - to show a numerical reservoir population.
This phenomenon reveals a white spot in the nationwide education and upbringing. And redistribution of the budget is not in favor of the development of education is the only confirmed. The authorities do not need educated people. Uneducated and do not think weight is easy to manage. But. The reverse happened. On a contrasting background minded "titushek" erudite part of society manifested itself worthy. Everyone has seen the guy reading at the top of the barricade. Some have called this staging. Even so, it creates a positive image for Ukraine. Others asked: What are you reading? Is it so important? Important way of reading. And that means: thinking.
Everyone has seen the video and when meetings of the students being interviewed foreign channels in English. With a slight accent, but ... in English! Also a provocation? But the eyes were the people? You can also fake? .. Of course, mount - as well as to comment on what is happening can be different. BUT. Looking into the eyes of many protesters, one can see that they do not lie, because the eyes - a mirror of the soul. So, we have become more meaningful in revolutionary times?
In social networks there is a striking unity, when it comes to revolutionary themes. Everything, even the anti-maydanovtsy, try to be involved. And the adoption of the "draconian" laws have not become less active users. All continued to post and comment on even the most radical news. Only a few have changed their nicknames and removed the real picture with avatars. Unique phenomenon has become a "black box", which appeared on many avatars indifferent daily "baptism of fire" when it became known about the murder of activists. Undiagnosed solidarity punished contemptuous ignore. But "viral" campaign was temporary, and many became tense black, because around and so enough of darkness and chaos, so the wave of squares of Malevich washed wave of patriotic avatars "yellow-Blakytny Prapor i viburnum-Ukraine».
With the fall of degrees filament situation in the country, many relax and still trying to show the daily life of aphids on their pages. Some do it gently, apologetically, referring to how much injustice around because "minutes of humor" are increasingly appearing. Like the recommendations of good movies - for abstraction. But some "war war", and travel schedule. Sea, sun and sand - 's none of my business the edge. " For the sake of experiment I zapostila sovushku. Not layknul one. Hence, the revolution continues - no one is going to give up "without a fight" until the adoption of adequate solutions for the development of the country.
At the moment, the revolution seems never-ending process. Yet once it's over. What we will talk after it? Are we going to continue to monitor the development of our country? Yes, we will also discuss prices. But not for gas, and the fact that the price of corn does not grow with each passing day. We will not grieve over the old grandmother, who lack three hryvnia for food, because they are nice to drive teas-kofei, as they do in European coffee-house, because they will be socially protected. We will not cry over crippled and discarded pets. And we will be able to shelter themselves or their support charitable shelters. We will also post the kitties, sovushek and even aloud to think about the universe. They are eternal! 
But most importantly, we will be more meaningful refers to information that already will carefully filtered before distributing it to social networks, and more will be our own conscious thoughts. And we will talk about anything with each other, because we will no longer be indifferent to the problems of others, as before. But we begin with your personal identity.


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