Groin grandfather and a tractor in the night

New trends in painting and the materials from which the works are performed, it is difficult to surprise. Coffee beans, chips, needles, paper clips. But you never know on hand inventory. I remember, back in the "Golden Calf" son of a Turkish citizen, the artist commented, "grain" trend that, in general, it is not new and some artists make pictures of hair. As an example, led ideologically painting "Santa Groin and a tractor in the night." The only disadvantage of ideological picture was that it was made from the hair of non-party.
Igor Arinich in his work ideological issues do not bother, and comes exclusively from the richness of the color gamut of the material. For his collages he makes of banknotes, and nothing more colorful than the Soviet rubles, according to Igor, no. (From this point to argue, in principle, possible. Against the background of dollars - it is of course, yes. A riot of colors. And against what some African bananogroshey - things colorless)
In any case, the work is very interesting and still are in demand not only in his native Belarus. Russians are also able to evaluate innovation Belarusian artist and quite vividly buy its products. For all that, only the cost of the paintings start from $ 700. A job can take anywhere from six months to nine months. That is fun is not cheap.
Important in this direction - ruble resources, so to speak. For he is not limitless. And only on the "Bathing the Red Horse" took three thousand cuts


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