Art-tractor for patterns in the sand

Being a modern man who knows a lot about new technologies and believe that they are the future, the artist involved in the work the technique, not some, but a large and powerful tractor. Only instead of the mower, which on a normal field helps to gather the harvest, Gunilla Kleinberg has equipped the tractor with a special cushion like the ones that are installed on asfaltobetonnyh rollers, and the roller caused convex pattern-ornament. Now he will leave in the sand decorative trail, and that we need.

The creative pattern of stars and geometric patterns, covering sandy beaches recalls not only the times of the USSR and communism. He also does not forget that somewhere in space inhabited by our brothers in mind, and the field strewn with patterned stars, will become a kind of a signal, an invitation to communication.

Alas, but to wait until the art project A Sign In Space will bring their first fruits, too tedious and long. We can only hope that at least our grandchildren can enjoy these "fruits"... And maybe, by the time we brothers from outer space have become good friends and colleagues.

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