30 reasons to go back to the future

July 3, 1985, the screens out the first film of the cult trilogy "Back to the Future" Marty McFly .Istoriya and Doc Brown, who travel in the past, back to the future, is still a hit, and even today the number of fans of the movie only increases.

Before we review all three films and ponostalgirovat, Website offers you to learn some of the secrets of the film. Perhaps, then watch the movie will be even more entertaining.

Jacket Marty of 2015 she customized a sleeve to size. When shooting this episode sleeves were stretched to the 40 woods, which are simultaneously pulled assistants. 8da5d01d1e.jpg

And looked shooting scenes with flying boards of the future, which wanted to ride any skater. 6af88c8a2d.jpg


When Biff passes himself almanac of sports, he says "Florida win the World Cup Baseball 1997 year, well, of course." The film was released in 1989. Eight years later, at the world championship baseball team actually won Florida, Florida Marlins. The most interesting - in 1989 from Florida did not have his baseball team, and the Florida Marlins did not exist. Marty appears in 1885 like Clint Eastwood. Actor Eastwood allowed to use his name, because he liked the first two films. Later, Marty puts on a similar manner, as the hero of Eastwood in the trilogy of "dollar" Sergio Leone. Marty Eastwood stunt copies of the same film by placing a poncho iron door of the stove. Screensaver second part goes on top of the material (flight over the clouds), filmed for the movie "Fayrfoks" with Clint Eastwood in the title role. Station Hill Valley, from which departs Clara in 1885, was built for the film "Pale Rider" also with Clint Eastwood. In the credits of producers especially thank Clint Eastwood. Jamestown City-Western, starring Hill Valley in 1885, was destroyed in 1996. Cause: fire due to lightning. Make «Calvin Klein» was little-known in Europe in 1985, so in the Italian dubbing Marty in 1955 called Levi Strauss. In the French dubbing his name is Pierre Cardin. When you shoot a scene where the gang Biff cuts in front of the courthouse, stunt Cheryl Wheeler-Dixon replaces actress Darlene Vogel heavily damaged legs, a raid on the convoy of the courthouse, and He was hospitalized for several weeks. As she lay in the hospital, unable to re-shoot the scene and went into the movie. 07b2b25e2f.jpg

Marty McFly / Michael J. Foks3e04cececc.jpg

Michael J. Fox agreed to take part in the filming, do not give up the role in the series "Family Ties." Therefore, Fox starred in "bonds" in the afternoon, and at night he played in the film by Robert Zemeckis. Every day after the recording of the next series, he immediately rushed to the set of a movie. Filming took place 6 hours a day - from 6.30 pm to 2.30 am. Fox during filming slept only 5-6 hours a day. Many female candidates for the role of Marty girl Jennifer were rejected simply because too tall - they were above the Michael J. Fox, whose growth 1, 64 m. Michael J. Fox just ten days younger than Lee Thompson, who played his mother, and for almost three years older than his on-screen father by Crispin Glover. 098b1754bb.jpg

The third part of the film, Michael is still playing a teenager, and in the meantime to leave the picture actor already was 29 years old.

Doc Brown / Christopher Lloyd
Christopher Lloyd to create an image of your character - Doc based on demeanor physicist Albert Einstein and conductor Leopold Stokowski. Name Dr. Brown - Emmett (Emmett) is contrary Read the word "time» (time), only uttered the syllables (em-it). The initials of middle name Doc Brown - «L». Bob Gale, screenwriter of the film, said that the middle name Brown - Lathrop (Lathrop), which is contrary to read the word "portal» (portal). Doc Brown - a fan of the time, he always wears several watches, and his apartment crowded hours. Pay attention when you watch the movie. 5dc127523e.jpg

"I stood on the toilet to hang a clock, but slipped and hit his head on the sink - so I was revealed revelation, a vision, a picture in my mind, a vision that's it - streaming drive!»

At the beginning of the film shows that the Doc Brown have a hobby - he plays the saxophone. e3fc937a15.jpg

In the laboratory, Doc portraits of four famous scientists: Isaac Newton - one of the first physicists of our time; Benjamin Franklin who discovered the electrical nature of lightning; Thomas Edison - a scientist who worked with DC; and Albert Einstein developed the theory of relativity. Modern physics, lightning, energy and time travel - an important element of the film.


One of the main chip and a symbol of the film became a car DeLorean DMC-12, in which the main characters and travel through time. The design of the car was so unusual for the time, which greatly alter the car is not necessary. Just hung it in some detail, for example, cover at a nuclear reactor at the stern DeLorean - actually wheel cover car "Dodge Polaris». In the course of the filming has been used three-car brand DeLorean. One of them was completely destroyed when shooting scenes from the third part of the movie, when the end of a train crashed into the car. In the film DeLoreane scale speedometer reaches 95 miles per hour. But the real speedometers DeLoreanov until 1985 inclusive, the scale has reached only 85 miles / hour. facd90cf3b.jpg

This speedometer DeLorean.


The speedometer of the film.

Other characters
The Role of Needles, which is the third part is Marty on auto racing, played by Michael Balzari, better known under the name «Flea» (Bloch) - bassist «Red Hot Chili Peppers». b5d0fca804.jpg


One of the children to whom Martí shows the computer game "Wild arrows", easily recognize fans of "Lord of the Rings" - is Elijah Wood. He was then 8 years old, and it is - one of his first roles. 3d38c3c81e.jpg


Easter yaytsa.Stsenarist and director hid a lot of little things (the so-called "Easter eggs") in the subject of the picture.

Marty runs, being late to school. He engages the blue pickup, which sits behind the wheel of a bearded man wearing a cap. This film producer Steven Spielberg. deb407eb01.jpg

Musicians playing at the city celebration Hill Valley (two guitarists and a drummer) - a group ZZ Top, performing country music version of his song «Doubleback». They and their modern rooms, cool guitar around its axis - but in 1885 it is doing and drummer with his drum. cd82fc32c6.jpg

When Marty tries to restart the DeLorean, while in 1955, the car headlights Morse indicate a command SOS. the chimes of the tower a hair's breadth the same as the striking of a clock in the movie "The Time Machine "(1960), based on the book by Herbert George Wells, and with the battle of Big Ben. The entire crew never misses an opportunity to insert his name in the film. At school, George McFly from 1955 in the background hangs a poster "Ron Woodward - presidential class!" Ronald Woodward - the main producer of the film. 92a661dec1.jpg

The porch is covered with inscriptions school all about a certain dangerous Bob. These inscriptions were made with his own screenwriter Bob Gale. 3644eaf31f.jpg

When Marty goes to George at school, in the background is a poster «Bulldogs vs. Indians ». «Bulldogs» Football team was an elementary school Bob Gale and «Indians» - in high school. 42fd8f08e5.jpg

Marty McFly participate in a contest of musical groups, performing an instrumental version of the song «The Power of Love». One of the judges complained that the group "gromkovata." This singer Huey Lewis, author of songs for the film «The Power of Love» and «Back In Time». In addition, on the wall near Marty in the room hangs a poster for the album Huey Lewis «Sports». 83774f029d.jpg

At the beginning of the film Marty arrives to meet Doc shopping center "Two pine» (Twin Pines Mall). But by the end of the movie center called "Lone Pine". In 1955, Marty one of the trees crushed cars when running away from the farmer Peabody and his gun. 4bfa40045a.jpg


During the execution of «Johnny B. Goode» group leader at the ball, Marvin Berry, calling his cousin Chuck. Chuck Berry - author of the song «Johnny B. Goode». In 2015, in the movie is the movie "Jaws-19," directed by Max Spielberg. Spielberg does have a son named Max. Lightning strikes the clock in 1955 at 10:04. In 1885, when Marty and Doc are facing card Shonash gorge in the background can be seen the clock courthouse that show it this time. In the second part of the "Back to the Future" Doc is a colored shirt with a small train. In the third part, he uses it already quite worn as a mask. cf898f381b.jpg


Finally, remember, so we'll have to dress in 2015.


But Nike will release a replica of sneakers Marty McFly in 2015.


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