Leonardo Dicaprio

"It is important to remember that every time you do something you gain, you are 100% supports the policy of the company, came up with this thing" (Leonardo DiCaprio)
Charming man, a talented actor and heartthrob necessarily, DiCaprio knows what things can bring the glory. They say that from his youth, as a teenager to Hollywood, he was able to choose exactly the hours that are able to conquer even the most experienced connoisseur of time. The ability to focus on more valuable, the main and everlasting determine how Mark Leonard will prefer in the future. It is clear that it will not go to some dubious manufakturkah. It's about solid global giants who know everything (well, almost all) of jewelry (in the full sense of the word) of the time.

In May this year at the premiere of the world's best-selling book "The Great Gatsby" is practically without leaving the imposing image of the millionaire, DiCaprio showed his elegant hour choice in the spirit of modern sophistication. This is a new automatic chronograph from the famous Swiss watch virtuoso - TAG Heuer, after which it is. And I must say, "No wonder!" 43 mm TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 with marking of pink gold and silver dial is able to produce no less furor than the movie premieres. Those who held in his hands the clock, and a little bit of trust, I absolutely agree that this perfect chronograph ideal for men who have to reach their goals.

However, a multiple winner of the "Golden Globe", 3x nominee for "Oscar" and other awards is not resting on its laurels. From stellar idol of teenagers, Leo became a passionate defender of nature. Today, his celebrity status he enjoys a much greater benefit. Together with TAG Heuer Leonardo designed the unusual watches Aquaracer 500M. The funds come from sales at the expense of global organizations dealing with environmental protection.

DiCaprio - actor, social activist; but DiCaprio - the designer - it's something!

This steep Diving model as in the men's version, and in the female, is designed to dive to 500 meters. Dial manually with superimposed digital tags can be read performance even in complete darkness. The rotating bezel, which can be operated even when wearing gloves, as the body is made of titanium alloy. So if not particularly try this "toy" for deep dives will serve long service. Those who love the sea, will understand what is at stake and ... oblizhut).

This male models, and below pretty women from designer DiCaprio

However, favorite hours, at least today, is the automatic chronograph Link Calibre 16. Magnificent specimen with water resistance to 100 meters are designed more for "terrestrial" connoisseurs time. The model for the serious business people different bezel round, shaped like a cushion with tachymeter scale. Hours are resistant to scratches, as protected by a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating applied and the rear cover of the high-strength steel. But it's not all the achievements of the famous actor and designer. The following article focuses on the hours DiCaprio in the film.

It is a favorite of Leonardo - Chronograph Calibre 16

DiCaprio and guide TAG Heuer: Jean-Christophe Babenov Jack Hoer

DiCaprio in the production of TAG Heuer

The new role of the designer clock for many fans of Leo - a complete surprise

DiCaprio and the fruit of his labors - Diving model Aquaracer 500M


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