Leonardo DiCaprio starred in a stylish photo shoot Variety magazine

The film "The Wolf of Wall Street" is already recognized as the highest grossing in the career of director Martin Scorsese. In addition, it may become a landmark in the career of Leonardo DiCaprio, the actor if he will receive for his first "Oscar". Well, in anticipation, Leo gives an interview and starred in a photo shoot. For example, he became the hero of February's magazine Variety, which also appeared very stylish photoshoot with his participation.

Cover the February issue of Variety magazine with Leonardo DiCaprio

Photos taken in the retro style, but DiCaprio them a real gentleman. In an interview, the actor said that he went into acting only in order to earn money for college.

"When I started in the movies, I do not think it will be my career - the actor admitted. - Hollywood for me was a bit of a fairy-tale world. But I thought that it is necessary to shoot a little bit, just to save money for college »
As for the film "The Wolf of Wall Street," that he was pleased with the work on it.

"We did just such a film, how it is intended. During filming, we are always reminded each other what we are doing an unusual movie, - said Leonardo DiCaprio. - Of course, all of our characters are not very nice people. We deliberately did not want to show a man of passion. We did not want to show himself as a man destroys. We just wanted the viewer to look at the hero's life from the outside, realized this character »

Leonardo DiCaprio in a photo shoot Variety magazine

Leonardo DiCaprio in a photo shoot Variety magazine

Leonardo DiCaprio in Variety magazine photo shoot


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