Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio will shoot a film about poaching


Producers of the new eco-social feed of the Studio "Warner Brosers" about the illegal animal trade and poaching will become a famous actor trio: Tobey Maguire (Tobey Maguire), Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Tom hardy (Tom Hardy). The film in all details will illustrate the way of furs from Africa to the fashion houses of Paris. "But it is important to understand that whenever you buy something, you are one hundred percent support the policy of the company that produced this thing," recalls Leonardo.

The project proponent is Tom hardy is a British actor of theater and cinema, known for her participation in the blockbuster "Star trek: Nemesis", "Start", "Wuthering heights", "the Dark knight: the legend". In 2002, hardy was moved to North Africa for the filming of the picture "Simon, an English Legionnaire". Here the actor met with people who once worked in the special forces and fought against poaching in South Africa. That friends gave Tom the idea to tell about the misadventures of wildlife around the world.

With that in mind, it turned hardy, Leonardo DiCaprio, famous animal activist and fighter for the ecology of the planet. The actor lives in the Riverhouse – this area of new York city provides itself with solar energy, and Leonardo is seriously thinking about a compost pit. There goes the Hollywood star on a hybrid car "Toyota Prius", which emits 75 percent less carbon dioxide than a regular car. Attachments DiCaprio in saving the planet is truly enormous: the actor has managed to transfer a million dollars to the world wildlife Fund (WWF), to establish its own environmental Fund, to participate in campaigns to protect elephants and tigers.

In addition, in 2007, the year Leonardo had already shot his first documentary "the Eleventh hour", which tells about the possible consequences of global warming, the fragility of earth's ecosystems, the problems of recycling, the opportunities out of the coming fuel crisis, maintaining biodiversity and other topical issues of our time. As to the "hot" continent, then, according to the actor, about the problems of Africa, he thought, not after watching the news, and after songs Kenny West.

Tobey Maguire as inseparable childhood friend, decided to support a colleague to join the project. Being busy on the set of new film, raising two children and taking part in charity events, Spider-Man no less firmly engaged in the production of their own movie. In addition to joint environmental project Toby intends to release the film "the Fifth wave", which tells about the capture of human civilization by aliens – sort of a "Avatar of the opposite." And, of course, the main storyline will connect the hearts of boys and girls from the two worlds: after all, love must save the world. The script is based on the trilogy by writer Rick Yancey, and partners of the Studio Maguire's Material Pictures has agreed to make "GK Films" and "Sony Pictures", which will provide financial support for the project.

The release of the eco-project is not yet known — the problems of poaching in Africa, you can talk for hours, but, according to Leonardo DiCaprio, "If you make a film only to have something to impress the world, trying simultaneously to entertain — it will be a waste of time." So now the company is actively searching for talented writers. About whether Sami Maguire, hardy and DiCaprio participated in the filming of the picture, not yet reported.

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